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Where’s my bottle o’? March 12, 2009

Posted by phoenixaeon in A215, Life writing, TMA03, TMA04, TV.

Was the cry that pierced the silence in the house at about 4 am. Argh! And then Princi decided it would be a good time for a conversation. Grrr! All I wanted was to go back to sleep. Impossible when she is in a mood like that. Now I feel as if my eyeballs are typing for me, I am that tired!


Yesterday, after news of what had happened in Germany, it was very odd to watch Neighbours. In Neighbours, the scenario was that of ‘muck-up day’, and four of the characters were playing a prank where they pretended to invade the school with stink bombs and toy guns. I know in shows like Neighbours they try to raise awareness of illnesses and things that have happened around the world, but wow! That was just a little to close to actual events happening that day!


Back to regular moans now. I’m still waiting on the result of my last TMA. For once, it hasn’t affected me getting on with other writing. Yay! With that in mind, I am going to work on some poetry later as an alternative TMA submission, and if Princi (who is off school due to her teachers doing the home visits for children starting at the nursery next term. Maybe I could distract her with the Mussy discs!) gives me a few moments to spare during the day, I might even start a new prose piece.

Whatever the case, I need to get some work on the boil.



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