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Scary, scary night. March 13, 2009

Posted by phoenixaeon in hospital, The Principessa Files.

Paint your pillow phlegmy red.

I was petrified. My poor Princi was suffering, once again, with a cough last night. Asleep, she had been coughing her little guts up, when I noticed a little splodge of red on her cheek. Looking closer, I started panicking, just as she coughed again and a projectile of watery red spit flew onto her pillow. It was then that she started crying, and I went into proper panic mode, screaming to everyone who could hear me – including Gaz, who came over from next door! So, at 12.40 am, Skidaddles and Uncle Gaz took Princi to A&E to make sure that it was nothing serious. Which it wasn’t. The Doc said that she had probably burst some capillaries in her throat when she coughed.

I was so glad to have her back (about an hour and a half later) and was all ready for her to sleep all night in my bed, when she completely shocked me and jumped straight into her own bed and went to sleep. She still woke up at 8 this morning demanding to go to school! She was so happy and cheery that you’d think nothing had happened. But I’d rather she was like that, then all mopey and sad. She is such a fabulous little girl!



1. skippybird - March 13, 2009

Aawww poor you, I won’t say poor princi because she seems to be a super stunt kid today heehehehehe! *big hugs*

phoenixaeon - March 13, 2009

Ta hon, but I’m OK. As long as my babes is OK, then so am I. Looking forward to my hug when she gets home from school, though 😀

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