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I have waited for this day! March 18, 2009

Posted by phoenixaeon in A215, Life writing, Poetry, The Principessa Files, TMA04, writing.

The day when I could share one of my favourite books with Princi.

This morning, before school, Princi picked up one of my books.

Princi: Ooo. Ted hug-hehz, the laron man.’

Me: (smiling) No, babes. Ted Hughes, The Iron Man.’

But I was chuffed that she was showing interest in one of my books. Yes, my book. I had tried to get a copy from Amazon about six months ago or so, but it was one of those ‘delivered in 1-3 weeks’ situations, which usually means ‘order it, and you’ll be waiting forever.’ (I’m still waiting for  The Alchemy of Stone by Ekaterina Sedia, a book I ordered about a year ago.) So I forgot about The Iron Man for a while. But with the prospect of the children’s lit course on the OU, it came to the forefront again. It was, after all, the book I most remember from my childhood. I can see all the kids sat around on the story mat while Mrs Fox read a chapter a day, just before the end of the school day. That is why The Iron Man makes me smile. And the mere fact that my little girl was interested in it made it even better. Especially when she sat on my knee and we started reading it. Together. That was just one of the best moments. And she wants to carry on with the story when she gets home from school. Yay!


Poetry. Well. Persephone is breathing (yay!). But now Hephaestus is refusing to be written. Might just go onto Yggdrassil today, and leave Hephaestus to mature.

Prose. I have revised the life writing piece. As I am not allowed to use a poem as a diary entry, I have worked around it and added in a short piece of prose written in 2001. I think it works better than it did with the poem, but it took a lot of work. The word allowance is 1500 words, but when I took out the poem and put the extra prose in the words shot up to 1600. Yipes! I spent a couple of hours working around what I had already written, taking out the excess words, but I feel it reads better now. I’ll soon find out.

So, off now to continue the writing.



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