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Cats and dogs on the track? April 13, 2009

Posted by phoenixaeon in A215, Moto GP, TMA04, TMA05.

This weekend marked the start of the Moto GP season with the Qatar GP. The race was penned in for around 9pm yesterday, but the weather intervened. A downpour forced the organisers to call it all off. Hmph! Now I’ll have to wait until 7pm tonight to see the race. At least there’s some tennis on to keep me occupied when I’m not a climbing frame or a piece of furniture for Princi.

I so totally wasted yesterday. With Princi at the beach, I should really have done some work on TMA04. Instead, Gaz and I played Guitar Hero. It was a waste of good writing time, but hell, I rocked! Gaz? Not so much! That means that I’ll have to get the TMA fixed and sorted, then sent off today when Princi goes to the swingpark (yep, the Walker is just a little too much today. Princi knackered Grandand yesterday at the beach, so having to help me in and out of the wheelchair is pushing it a little! There’s always next weekend). I’m just sick of looking at it now. Once it’s gone, I can get started on the prep reading for the commentary for TMA05, and start planning that and the commentary for the ECA. It doesn’t help that I’m still not sure what poems I’ll use for the ECA, and that some of them are still unfinished. I suppose that’ll help in the selection process though. Silver lining, gotta look for ’em!



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