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Feeling slightly calmer. April 29, 2009

Posted by phoenixaeon in A shortcut to mushrooms, A215, Aliens and angels and all the worlds inbetween, The Principessa Files.

I’m breathing rather than seething since my earlier arghness. Still really disappointed with the mark and pee’d that I’m not going to be able to get the grade I wanted, but it’d be really stupid of me to quit the course with only two more pieces of work to complete. I’m just questioning everything I write now, wondering if it’s good enough. Maybe I shouldn’t worry now, seeing as even if I do get good marks then I’ll still not be able to get the distinction. Story of my bleeding life.

Princi and I are stuck upstairs, since I have no way of getting myself off the stairlift without help. OK. When I say ‘Princi and I’, I mean me. Princi has been up and down the stairs, raiding the fridge and doing numerous other unknown things downstairs. I don’t even want to know of any wanton destruction she may have caused. (Earlier, she had been picking about in the fridge, looking for a drink. She nicked three little strawberry yoghurt drinks and two Benecol drinks, then found a bowl to mix them in. ‘I was trying to make a smoothie,’ was the excuse. Monster!) Other than that, she’s been fab today (oh, apart from the playing in the bathroom. But then, upstairs, that’s to be expected). She’s been playing on her computer on her bed – which is actually her space ship – or playing on my quilt on the floor – which is actually her cave to hibernate in during the winter. Yep, Princi the space-roaming hedgehog has been having a fine time today.

So, now I’m a little more chilled, I might have a look at some editing. The commentary is still being a bit of a bastard, it doesn’t want me to write it yet. It’s looking all a bit patchy at the mo.

Right. Off to forage for wild mushroom tortellini and ariabiata sauce with cheese and tomato flatbread. Mmmm. Hope it’s as good as it sounds!



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