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Push the button! May 11, 2009

Posted by phoenixaeon in A215, ECA, Editing, TMA05.

‘Send’ clicked. TMA05 out into the wilds of the eTMA system. Yikes!

And so, the wrap up continues. I’ve redrafted the mythology poems once more and checked the commentary, so I’m fine with that going into the cyber-crapper. I will now grant myself the gift of a break before embarking onto the ECA commentary editing. Oh, and the plans I have for Mecha-Lexy. Still ooh-ing and aah-ing whether or not to change the title to Mecha-LEX. I think it sounds better, but the new plan might be able to make use of the extra syllable. Hmmmm. However, at the same time as stressing over a slightly new working of M-L, I am also wondering if I have made the right choice with this poem. As much as I like it, it’s starting to feel a little too risky. *Shudder* I am such a good score whore (not in a naughty way)! But I want a decent mark to buck the downtrend the last TMA gave me.




1. picasso36 - May 11, 2009

One more to go Ally.Ignore Lex for a while and do the commentary that way you can revisit with a clear head,as you tell me to do.
Sent mine today,sometimes you just have to let go.I was still buggering around with it and probably making it worse.
Anyway 05 isn’t so relevent,have a break and concentrate on the ECA.

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