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Sitting, watching, waiting. May 11, 2009

Posted by phoenixaeon in bedtime, Occupational Therapist visits..

That is my current status. I am sitting, glancing up at the TV every now and again to watch the tennis, waiting for the occupational therapist to get here. Fun. Not.

Yep, so my OT is visiting today. She left the area about two and half years ago, so my case was passed onto someone else. The new OT stayed with me for about a year before she went on long term sick, so I was assigned another OT. Then she brought a surveyor around to start the plans for the extension, but the surveyor was just about to have a hip operation. Hence, the extension details were passed onto someone else. It’s been about four months since we have heard anything about the extension, and lo and behold, we’ve come full circle with my case being passed onto the OT who was first assigned my case. Pillar to post much?

Ooh, enough of my whinging… or maybe not! I am a very tired Mummy-Monkey today. Princi, the ninja bed invader, charged my bed last night and used me as her footrest (had typed foorest here. Is this the word for Dave Grohl’s holidays?). I woke up when I needed to turn over to legs draped over my side. I pushed the extra limbage off and started moving – only to be followed across the bed by a pair of parasitic legs! Comfortable again, with the legs over my side, I tried to sleep. Ha! My brain started running through plans for a poem redraft. Argh! I may ruin these poems if I continue to tinker.

Well. Best be off and sorting stuff out. Two weeks to get all the writing done for my course and out the door. Most of it is done but some of it is nowhere near the standard it should be, so panic stations until wordage is done-age! (And speaking of words, there’s a great post on Michael Marshall Smith’s blog today. Read. Enjoy. Buy books about words.)



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