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Head is spinning, Exorcist stylee! May 12, 2009

Posted by phoenixaeon in A215, music.

Not that I’m possessed or anything, just from reading lots. I’ve been critiquing various stories and poems over last night and this morning. I take hours over the stories/poems and go through things so thoroughly that I worry that the peeps I’m critiquing might think I’m being overly picky. Eeks! But I say things as I see them, and I would hope that anyone critiquing my work would rip it to pieces so that I could improve it and get rid of any anachronisms.

I am still loving blip.fm. Last night I thought I’d post some songs before I went to bed, so I looked for songs with ‘sleep’ and ‘goodnight’ in the titles. It was then that I stumbled across an artist called Voltaire. I listened to the song because the title intrigued me (it was called ‘Goodnight Demonslayer’), and the song didn’t disappoint.

After listening, I promptly set off in search of the song on iTunes. So yay! I sat and listened to it properly before I went to sleep, with a Supernatural montage playing in the back of my mind! Yes, I know. Sad. But it is there in my head, so it will be put to use!



1. Head is spinning, Exorcist stylee! - May 12, 2009

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2. picasso36 - May 12, 2009

You are blip-tastic mate.Cheered me up last night,was doing my usual wondering around chanting and ringing bellls when I saw you had blipped Mazzy Star.Cheered me up no end.Think Fade into you is one of my all time faves.
Commentary day today.That’s is if two grans will leave me alone for one second.It’s becoming so so hard to deal with them both,especially as one lives in Liverpool.Seem to take all my time and sap my energy.But suppose need to keep it in perspective,their children are dead, they have no one else.Maybe I will be rewarded in another life?
On that cheery note I shall attempt some work. Have a good day. Don’t obsess too much. 🙂

phoenixaeon - May 12, 2009

I aim to please!

Don’t fuss too much on the commentary. There is still a few weeks until it is due. And I shall not abscess about anything today. Not even going to look at any work. Day of brain freedom today, and back on the horse tomorrow.

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