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I should be sleeping! May 16, 2009

Posted by phoenixaeon in A215, ECA.

Argh! Awake at stupid o’clock this morning. I had hoped that Princi would sleep in this morning, but no such luck. Eyelids need matchstick crutches… *Yawn*

I’m finally getting somewhere with the ECA commentary. It’s been like pulling the wings off a dragon. Not fun and definitely not easy. I’m finding it hard to judge what I should include and structuring the damn thing is more confusing than string theory! My head feels like Ricky Hatton’s punchbag right now. I suppose it doesn’t help that I’m not getting enough sleep. Grrrr*yawn*. And it also doesn’t help that I decided to take the two writing forms option. That has made writing a decent commentary that much harder. I’m not sure if I should split the thing and tackle the life writing analysis as a separate entity to the poetry, or tackle the technicalites and put examples of how I incorporated them into the individual pieces. *My head* *Brick wall* Ouch! I can’t wait for this course to be over, just to be able to return to writing for pleasure.



1. dadwhowrites - May 18, 2009

So you’ve got the kind that don’t sleep too? Wrestling with a five o’clock start this morning, though we’re working to try and get them to at least stay in bed and ‘rest’.

phoenixaeon - May 18, 2009

If only! Princi still shares my bedroom until the extension is sorted out, and then she’ll get her own room. That means that when she wakes up I have to wake up. Right now, she has just woken up, stumbled from her bed to mine, and is lying across the bed behind me. Not comfortable!

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