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The technicalities of spelling. May 19, 2009

Posted by phoenixaeon in Conversations with Principessa, The Principessa Files.

When Princi came home from school today we sat down as always to talk about what she’d learned.

Me: What did you do in school today?

P: I played in the sandpit. And I painted a picture of a house.

Me: Did you? Well done! Did you learn any more letters?

P: Yes.

Me: What letter did you learn? (She has been learning letters phonetically with Jolly Phonics at school, which is good as I have the JP stuff here, too.)

P: I learned s-a-t.

Me: Oh, and what does s-a-t spell?

P: S-a-t spells sat!

Me: Wow! Well done! (Wondering if she could apply it to other words.) What about c (kuh)-a-t?

P: Mmmm. Cat!

Me: Yes! And t-a-t?

P: Ummm. Tat!

Me: Yes! (Wondering if we could do longer words.) What about f-l-a-t?

P: F-tal?

Me: No! F-l-a-t.

P: F-lat! (Close enough!)

Me: Yeah! How about s-p-l-a-t?

P: Ummm. Spatal.

Me: No! S-p-l-a-t is splat!

We carried on for about five minutes, but I am very impressed. Although she can read and  spell out a written word (not phonetically), she hasn’t been able to spell through verbal triggers until today. Well, not with me anyway. This makes me a very proud Mum today. Yay!

And then, to top off the proudness with a giggle, I gave her a couple of minty Matchmakers. She takes a nibble on one, then turns to me:

They sure are minty, aren’t they?

And they surely are!



1. skippybird - May 20, 2009

awwwwww that’s amazing 😀 My bro said that milly continued a conversation from the day before, for the first time the other week. He was a very happy daddy :)I can’t wait to feel that pride 😀

phoenixaeon - May 20, 2009

Princi doesn’t really do the carrying on conversations thing, but she’s like an elephant for remembering things. Mumbles had mentioned something to Gaz about ‘the time he threw his key in the toilet,’ and a few weeks later Princi told Gaz off for ‘losing his key down the loo!’

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