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Stupid computers! May 25, 2009

Posted by phoenixaeon in Computer problems, Editing.

With A215 being wrapped up on Saturday with the posting of the ECA, I decided it was time to kick back and relax. It was time to load Neverwinter Nights into the computer. Oh, I was so excited to be gaming again. The install went fine, so I thought I’d begin a single player game to familiarise myself with the control system. Yay, I thought, this’ll be fun. And for the moments it worked it was.

The game crashed when a virus checker flicked up its ‘Computer is not sick’ notification. Great, and I hadn’t saved either. Back to the beginning I went. Then my bro sent me the link to download the update that would enable me to play online. That crashed the game, but this time I couldn’t even load it up. Fantastic. I tried to uninstall/reinstall, but one file decided that it didn’t want to be removed preventing me from reinstalling the game. Argh! It took me most of Saturday night into Sunday morning to find the hidden file – and then it was more serendipity than actually knowing what I was doing – and remove it. Yay! I could reinstall. I tried the update again, and again it crashed the game. This time the uninstall went smoothly, but I kept the changes the update would make to the game. Reinstalled, and the game was ready to be introduced to online play. Woohoo! Next problem – I needed the community expansion pack, a 1.1GB file. Great. Another half hour of downloading followed by however long to install the damn thing. Only the file was corrupt. It was at this point I gave up the idea of online play and opened a new single player game. Sigh.

At least the game works now, despite the obvious flaw of no character feature mapping due to my running Vista. Yes, it’s not fully compatible, obviously. But at least it works now, so not a total waste of £6!

Oh, and now I have no pressure to write I find I am spilling ideas. How’d that happen? I think I might scribble the ideas down, but concentrate on re-editing Rosie (yep, it will be taken off the blog) and the story I had originally written for the ECA, and finishing some of the poems I began months ago. Then I shall send them out, see if I can get them published. That would be the cherry on top.

Well, bookshop and park today, so I suppose I should be getting ready to go.



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