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The food thing. May 26, 2009

Posted by phoenixaeon in Children and food, Conversations with Principessa, French Open, tennis.

Grandand: What do you want for dinner today?

Me: Would you like lamb, noodles and carrots again?

Princi: Yes. Tomorrow.

Grandand: Then what do you want today?

Princi: Salad and crisps and Pringles and tuna.

Me: Do you want tuna mayonnaise or fresh, cooked tuna?

Princi: Fresh, cooked tuna. But I want the pink tuna.

Me: (Confused, until I suddenly realise what Princi’s going on about.) Oh, she wants salmon!

That tickled me, I can tell you. At least she is starting to eat food that is not lamb or tuna or carrots now. Although the scrambled eggs at breakfast was a pain, I ended up having to feed her despite trying to make breakfast into a picnic.

Ho hum. No play at the French Open. It’s tipping down.



1. dadwhowrites - May 27, 2009

My bete noir at breakfast would be porridge rather than scrambled eggs. Actually, I quite feel like scrambled eggs now, come to think of it. Though that would be yet another displacement activity from the yoga I’m supposed to be doing…

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