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To flashback or not to flashback. June 6, 2009

Posted by phoenixaeon in LRRH, publishing, Re-writing, writing.

So, I’ve started re-editing Rosie with the aim of sending it out to magazines. Thing is, there is a part in the story where I have used a flashback scene. This scene makes an appearance after the ‘intro’ and divulges quite a bit of information about one of the two main characters. Now, I like the story as it sits now, but I don’t know whether or not to do away with the flashback and use this scene – rewritten, of course – to start the story. This would allow me to run a chronological telling, and I usually find this the best course of action. But, like I have already said, I like the story (apart from the few tweaks I know it needs) as it is. What to do, what to do?

I hate indecision. It is a pain in the bum and one of my flaws. Hmph. I suppose it wouldn’t harm to try the scene at the start and see what peeps think. I think I might start on that on Monday, when Princi finally returns to nursery after the two week half term she is currently luxuriating in. Now I know the result of my last TMA and I am safe in the knowledge that my ECA has been received at the portfolio office, I have no worries regarding writing. No worries = no stress = ability to think again. Yay! Maybe I could even start something new. That’d be a novelty after the last two months.

Hmm. It’s such a strange feeling. I feel confident and equipped to deal with anything that may arise (or not) with my writing. Huh! The OU course did help me. After the feeling of complete dejection I suffered during the course, who’da thunk it?



1. John Hughes - June 7, 2009

This is the scene in the hospital with Rosie’s gran that you are talking about? I personally like it how it is, done in flashback, and keeping the start the same. Stories aren’t always best done in chronological order, they can be too linear that way. Having said all that, there’s no harm in trying something different. It may be better done the other way, or it may just set your mind at ease knowing that it was good how it was.

I’d be happy to read it if you want after you make the changes. I don’t mind being proved wrong.

phoenixaeon - June 7, 2009

Oh, don’t worry. You’ll be getting the re-edit to read! And I’d like to prove my own doubts about the story wrong, too. Still, I’m looking forward to jumping back onto the horse now. At the end of the course I really felt deflated and had no inclination to write/edit/whatever with a pen/computer for a very long time.

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