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I want Rockstar music. June 17, 2009

Posted by phoenixaeon in music, Shonen Knife, The Principessa Files.

(OK, this has nothing to do with this post, but ouchy! I have no idea what is wrong with my left shoulder blade, but it feels like there’s something crawling around underneath it with a mobile phone on vibrate on its back. Uncomfortable? Oh yes. And now it’s turning all pins and needlesy. Joy.)

This lunchtime, while eating lunch, I decided that Princi and I would listen to some music. I turned the iPod on and  set it to shuffle. Oooh, a good song to start – Easy by Faith No More. Nice, relaxing, eating food type music. But oh no, not for Princi.

This isn’t good. It doesn’t feel right.

So I flipped onto the next track – an INXS song. But no, not for Princi.

This still isn’t right. I want rockstar music.

So I flipped through a few more tracks – Third Eye Blind, Linkin Park, Leonard Cohen – but none were to Princi’s taste.

No. Not right. I want Shonen Knife.

At least now I had an idea what the problem was. And so I will say thankyou to Dadwhowrites, as if it hadn’t have been for the mention of Shonen Knife on his blog I might not have listened to a couple of  songs online, liked what I heard, and ordered a couple of CDs from Amazon. Princi is hooked. She thinks Shonen Knife are the only rockstars worthy of listening to right now!



1. dadwhowrites - June 18, 2009

Rockstar music! Marvelous! Dudelet still demands Shonen Knife but his current obsession is Jazz FM of all things. I have no idea why – something on it caught his ear and he now only wants to listen to the ‘beautiful’ (soporific) music that oozes out of the morning session. Oh well. At least it isn’t Kiss (FM, that is. I could probably live with Kiss) or something. And every now and then they play Green Onions. I could probably listen to Cropper’s guitar break forever.

phoenixaeon - June 19, 2009

There’s nowt wrong with jazz. Saying that, I love Harry Connick Jr. Try Dudelet with some big band jazz, see what he thinks of that 🙂 I’m just glad Princi doesn’t ask me to sing the Fifi theme tune these days!

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