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Updated! June 17, 2009

Posted by phoenixaeon in TV.

Yay! My iPhone is now fully updated with OS 3.0. It was a fight, a lot of tussling with restores, reboots, updating drivers and other things, oh and the internet taking a break during the re-activation, but it’s done. And I’m loving the new features it’s given me.

I can now send and receive picture messages via MMS. That was something I really missed when I upgraded to the iPhone.

I can cut, copy and paste. Yay! Makes all the difference with texting, let me tell you.

There is a search function. Not got round to using that yet, but I’m sure it will come in useful.

There are other new features, but they are the ones that are most important to me. Oh, and the fact I can now turn the phone on its side to have the larger keyboard whilst typing texts and emails. It’s all good.

And with that, my brain is fried. I’ll continue iPhone investigating tomorrow. Now I shall relax and continue watching Dollhouse.



1. picasso36 - June 18, 2009

It is much better isn’t it.The best thing for me is being able to picture message now.Going fishing this weekend,well going to the lakes drinking and eating fine food under the guise of fishing! Hopefully one of us will catch a fish so I can send piccies to everyone.Either that or call in at the fishmongers!
The only thing was after reading your tweets I decided to update at midnight last night which was silly as it took till 3.30am,something of a pain but ho hum.

phoenixaeon - June 18, 2009

I’d completely forgotten about the update until a friend mentioned it on Twitter. So glad she did. Loving my iPhone all over again – but not like that!

2. dadwhowrites - June 18, 2009

Oh, and is Dollhouse actually any good?

phoenixaeon - June 18, 2009

As first seasons go, it’s OK. The first, probably, five episodes aren’t fantastic, but it does get better. Episode 12 is extremely predictable. But as a Whedon addict, I stuck with it. It seriously has potential. I’m just glad that FOX gave it a second chance, and has also given Whedon the artistic license to do what he wants with the show. It should get so much better now.

3. dadwhowrites - June 18, 2009

Two months to go. Two months to go. God, I hate eighteen month contracts.

phoenixaeon - June 18, 2009

Oh, I had the eighteen month wait. As soon as it was up, it was iPhone Ahoy!

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