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The wisdom of a four year old. June 27, 2009

Posted by phoenixaeon in The Principessa Files.

This afternoon, while I was downstairs, Princi had crept upstairs and into the bathroom. No mean feat for a child with the gentleness of a sledgehammer. When I realised she was being too quiet I called for her. Nothing. Just an empty void. I called again. Still nothing. Then it clicked.

Princi, if you’re in that bathroom you’re going to be in trouble!

There it was. The elephant parade as she jumped off the side of the bath and hurtled her way out of the bathroom. The the regular reply, shouted down the stairs.

I’m out!

So I called back:

You better get down here. Quickly.

Stomp, stomp, stomp, down the stairs. The living room door bursts open.

I’m here!

Yes she was, with all the evidence of toothpaste abuse about her face. That was the point when I became stern and slightly angry  Mummy.

You’ve been playing with toothpaste again. That’s naughty. You shouldn’t eat toothpaste, it is bad for your health.

Princi pitched herself onto the couch in her best drama queen fashion, hand thrown across her forehead and defiance in her eyes.

I am not naughty! I am the cleverest girl in the world!

I had to turn away to stop myself from laughing. But as I stifled the giggles I began thinking that maybe there might be some truth to those words. Not the ‘in the world’ bit, although I’m glad she is confident and thinks so highly of herself, but the ‘cleverest girl’ remark. Maybe all her acting out is because I’m not keeping her occupied and stimulating her brain enough. Problem there is that she gets frustrated when she has trouble doing something that challenges her and that in turn frustrates me because she refuses to accept help or listen to instruction. She wants to be able to do whatever it is immediately without trying. She knows she shouldn’t give up doing something, she tells me enough times that I shouldn’t give up when I get fed up with some of her behaviour – yeah, roles reversed or what? – but any effort on her part to learn something that doesn’t come so naturally to her is just out of the question. It drives me nuts. And she is so stubborn and headstrong that nine times out of ten nothing can sway her decision that she can’t do whatever it is she’s trying to do. Argh!

Anyway. That’s that, and I’m not sure I know where I wanted to go with it. It is late after all, and these sticky, warm nights are frazzling my brain.

I think I should go to bed.



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