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Day two. August 4, 2009

Posted by phoenixaeon in A215, Dollhouse, TV.

It’s day two of the wait for results. ‘Sometime before 7th August’  is so unfair! They should give a day when the results are out, rather than a vague ‘you know, it should be before this date’ carrot on stick suggestion. Grrr. Yep, I think you’ve guessed. No result released into the cyberwilds yet.

To pass the time, and while Princi is otherwise distracted, I have snatched a few moments to watch ‘Epitaph One’, the unaired episode of Dollhouse. Yes, I know, it’s naughty to watch things webwise, but I couldn’t wait till the Dollhouse boxset is delivered next month. What can I say? Wow! It was a proper Whedon fix. It’s set in post-apocolyptic Los Angeles and it has all the elements you’d expect from Joss Whedon et al. It is most definitely worth a watch and it has made me hungry to watch the second series – but I was going to do that anyway. I’m looking forward to seeing how the story arc develops to take the characters to the point where this episode starts.



1. John Hughes - August 4, 2009

Yeah, I know how you feel about the results (just been checking myself). Seems like an age since the ECA went off.

Have you heard back about those poems you sent yet? That’s been a while now too, hasn’t it? Well, you should be used to waiting around after what happened with the TMA results. You probably won’t get the ECA results back until Friday… the 14th 😉

phoenixaeon - August 4, 2009

Nope, not heard back yet. They still have a month to get back to me within their reply timeframe.

OI! Don’t put a jinx on receiving the results! I’ll go mad if I have to wait any longer!

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