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Hangin’ tough. August 11, 2009

Posted by phoenixaeon in Uncategorized.

Last week I brushed off my disappointment of missing the distinction on the creative writing course and the receiving of my first rejection letter. I immediately sent the rejected poems to another magazine (well, I sent the sequence, anyway) and wrote off the pass grade 2 as the result of taking a risk. I felt better about it for a little while, but today I realised just how wounded I felt by both results. I am only now trying to get my head around it.

Now, while this revelation hasn’t exactly depressed me, it has made me realise that I’m going to have to toughen up and not be so harsh on myself. There are others out there who can do that for me and if I don’t want to learn from it then that is my problem. If I want to make something of my writing –  I think I do, but the backlash is making me question that – I need to get ready for some knocks and bumps along the way. I know this all sounds obvious. I thought I was ready, but I may have been expecting too much.

I am sure my writing isn’t as bad as all that. I also know that it can be improved, refined, and polished up. It’s all going to take time and practice, and the input of trusted peeps to keep me moving in the right direction. And I will move forward.

But for now… I think I will allow myself the time to lick my wounds. I am hoping the first rejection is the hardest and that I can take the next one that falls through my door/pops up in my inbox with a pinch of salt. For one thing is set in stone. I will get more rejections – in the smattering of acceptance letters I wholey intend to receive!



1. phoenixaeon - August 12, 2009

Thanks everyone 🙂

John: Not sure I’ll be laughing about it, but I think I did need to acknowledge the fact that it has affected me and that I’ll use the experience to change my expectations. I will be smiling when I get that first acceptance letter though 🙂

Mike: No idea what the female equivalent of kick in the balls is! That’s why I’ve been saying a kick in the teeth. Punch in the boob? Doesn’t have the same ring to it. And yes, the alternative doesn’t sound so good. Maybe I should take up knitting? I am currently having the jitters about taking on A363 next year (got the handbook yesterday. Will have a look at it once I’ve got some reading for EA300 out the way).

dadwhowrites: I shall take my time – I’ll step back from submitting stuff for a few months. On the upside I have started writing a new short story, so that’s a positive. I hope the re-editing went well last night. I think that is my favourite part of writing. Getting the initial idea down is the part that causes me the trouble!

2. John Hughes - August 11, 2009

Yeah, I thought you’d gotten over the double-whammy remarkably quick.

You’ll come back stronger though, once you’ve licked your wounds. Tougher and more prepared. And it won’t be long before you get that first acceptance letter, and then you’ll have a good laugh about this 🙂

3. picasso36 - August 11, 2009

Some things we have to accept.we will get rejected as did most famous writers.it will feel like you have been kicked in the balls.The end has to justify the means,you already know that.So do I,but I was gutted with my rejection.The alternative is to do something mind numbing with no creative input.So the lows aren’t so low,but the highs aren’t so high either.Lets be honest neither of us could cope with that.

Just keep writing and don’t let them tell say you have no talent,tis quite obvious you do.Can your writing be improved-of course but whose couldn’t be.Even the greats would probably do rewrites after publication.I have re read my ECA today and saw a million potential flaws,so much so I thought if I do A363 I may use the same basic idea but totoally rewrite it.If thats allowed.

Anyway,chin up.You are doing fine and dandy from my perspective and will be published.

PS.Dont worry about the distinction,remeber our conversation about that?

PPS.Just noticed,what is a female equivalent of a kick in the balls?

4. dadwhowrites - August 11, 2009

That’s more like it. And take the time – but not too much of it! Until I got a little more ‘hardened’ I found it was quite a buffering thing to always have one ‘in the air’ so to speak. And I’m now closing my browser and returning to re-editing my own splurgy thing of a novel prior to starting a new collection of slips…:)

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