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Holy postmodernism! August 31, 2009

Posted by phoenixaeon in Holy heck my head's exploding!.

Oh crap! I am panicking like a headless chicken. In fact, the bottom of my brain has just fallen out and my comprehension has legged it with its tail between its legs! What the hell am I doing?

The reason for my panic is this. I began reading a critical essay on Dust as an alternative theological vision in Pullman’s Northern Lights only to be confronted with a truckload of philosphical terminology. Now, I suppose I should have been expecting it, but poop! It made me wince in severe non-apprehension. I know nothing about postmodernism, post-structuralism, deconstructionism, let alone the works of Derrida (he was mentioned in the essay). I am feeling completely lost and out of my depth and wondering if I should attempt a philosophy course before launching myself into this one. Does anyone know of any accessible introductions to these schools of thought? I’ve had a quick squizz over some online articles, but I still feel totally overwhelmed by it all. Yikes!



1. dadwhowrites - September 3, 2009

Derrida – I found this very helpful http://www.amazon.co.uk/How-Read-Derrida-Penelope-Deutscher/dp/1862077681/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1251968107&sr=8-5

Also, read Spivak’s long introduction to Of Grammatology. Then read Writing And Difference. Then back to Of Grammatology.

BUT start with Foucault who really is the most accessible. Discipline and Punish is a great read, especially if you’ve an interest in history.

Key things to remember – there is no such thing as a deconstructive method – it’s just very close, attentive, reflexive reading, looking out for little hanging threads to tug on.

phoenixaeon - September 3, 2009

Thank you 🙂 But oh god! The reading! Have I got time? I fear my poor brain will melt (just like Princi’s hair – when she was asked if she felt hot yesterday she said ‘No, because my hair would melt!’) with this onslaught of information. Ah well, best get on with it.

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