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Yay for Friday! September 11, 2009

Posted by phoenixaeon in Supernatural, The Principessa Files.

I’m knackered! The return to the back to school routine is killing me! Princi, however, is as energised as an energiser bunny. Going back to school hasn’t slowed her down one little bit! Argh! I need some of her energy. Still, I’m hopeful that the transition from half days to full days on Monday might tire her out a little, although I’m not putting any chickens in baskets. At least Princi is loving being back at school, which is something to be happy about.

I had been planning to get started on the kidlit course this morning. Well, when I say started, I mean getting stuck in. I have done the first exercise, but that didn’t include any heavy reading. That I was going to do this morning. Until an ‘introductory’ thank you letter came back with Grandand after dropping Princi at school. As she is going to be starting P.E. lessons soon she needs some shorts. I had bought some shorts, but they resembled black football shorts. Yep, she’s not allowed to wear footie shorts. So I trawled the net for about an hour looking for some other shorts. (It didn’t help that my computer was running slower than a dead dog with no legs.) Most places only had football or cycling shorts and Princi’s size was sold out of those who actually stocked plain shorts, but finally I found a place that sold them. In the words of Princi: phewie! Then I had to get her some new plimsoles and wellie boots that are to be kept at school. But it’s all done now. Thankfully.

By the time I had finished it was nearly 11am. So, as I had scheduled time to watch the new episode of Supernatural (while I enjoyed it, it seemed a bit disjointed. But, I suppose, the series can build on it), there was no longer any time to open the books. Oops! Maybe Princi will go and bug Nanny for an hour or so later! I can live in hope!

Well, time to go and fill a bowl with some popcorn for a little popcorn Munchkin before she gnaws my ear off.



1. dadwhowrites - September 11, 2009

I promise, it’ll wear her out. Though at first, it’ll feel like the reverse whilst she works her way through the whole stress of the change if dudelet’s experience is anything to go by.

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