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Betty Burp Boff-Bag! September 16, 2009

Posted by phoenixaeon in Children's Literature, EA300, OU.

A nickname for my sister when she was younger, this is going to be the character in a book that I might write about burping and farting. Why? I shall tell you.

I’ve finally started wading through the course material and I’ve found an abundance of fart literature! I didn’t even know fart books existed. But anyhows, in the first essay by Peter Hunt a mention was made of a book called Walter the Farting Dog with the suggestion of reading the varying reviews on Amazon.com. So I did. I couldn’t believe how people found it offensive and in the manner of the offence. OK, so farting can be disgusting in the wrong circumstances, but it is a fact of life and part of normal, healthy bodily functions. But people were finding offence in the illustrations. ‘The people look like zombies! Why are they green?’ Well, surely that’s to do with the reaction to the farts? If something makes you feel ill you are told that you look green and I suppose ‘death warmed up’ could relate to looking like a zombie? Seems logical to me. And if kids find it funny, then where’s the harm? And fart books aren’t so new, anyway. According to the second essay by Matthew Grenby, one was published in 1510 called The Fryar and the Boy (I have found a copy here, but farting has been replaced by laughing). In the story, the boy uses a magic charm to make his stepmother fart uncontrollably. That made me giggle in itself, but when it carried on to say it was printed by Wynkyn De Worde I full on snorted! Sorry, I am a big kid still and potty humour still makes me laugh.

Anyhoos, lunchtime. I have spent too long this morning procrastinting and it is getting hard to type with the slowly encroaching cat who loves to hug the keyboard, so food then books.



1. dadwhowrites - September 17, 2009

They’ve obviously never encountered Fungus the Bogeyman. And I’ll raise your Matthew Friar with the climax to the Pardoner’s Tale…

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