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Argh! Headless chicken time. October 2, 2009

Posted by phoenixaeon in Children's Literature, EA300, OU, Panic stations, The new room.

Well. Nothing happens for months on end and then slap, bang! Wet kipper in the face! Everything is moving like a convoy of buses.

This morning, the building contractor and inspector paid a visit to talk start dates and plans. Taken aback, I was, when they suggested starting on Monday. If only! Nope, it can’t happen that quickly. First: we have to buy a new shed, sort out the garden for where said shed will be erected, transfer shed rubbish into new shed, then ditch 20 year old shed. Second: we have to hire a skip to get rid of some left-over garden rubbish (stone and the like) from the garden cleanup. Third: we need to fill in the lowered patio in my brother’s garden to make it work-safe. Fourth: we have to tidy out the back room (which is currently Dad’s room) because they need to take the window out to start work.

And breathe.

Holy heck, there’s hardly any time to breathe!

So things are on the move – like a bad case of diarrhoea – and excited as I am, there is the nagging worry about how the work will affect my ability to study. The course officially starts tomorrow and my first assignment is due in in three weeks time. And before anyone asks, no, I didn’t start it yesterday as I had planned. Instead I worked on the art of procrastination. I played on the computer all day, except for the few moments when I did pick up a book of extra-curricular reading material concerning Little Red Riding Hood. So I think I should mozy on and get planning. Hmph.

At least the shed is sorted out.

(Poop. With trawling about online looking for a cheap shed, I have let my lovely cup of coffee go cold.)



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