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Trials and tribulations. (I so wish that was Tribble-ations!) October 12, 2009

Posted by phoenixaeon in bedtime, Children's Literature, Dreams, EA300, Fairy tales, OU, sick Principessa.

Ooh, it’s been a tough last week. Princi was sent home from school on Thursday complaining of headaches. About half an hour after arriving home she started chucking up. She then went through the sleeping for an hour, waking up, taking a mouthful of water and chucking up again phase. Aw, she even came downstairs citing, ‘I am not crying. I am panicking because I am sick.’ Poor little Munchkin! She spent the whole evening like that, the vomiting carrying on until around 2.30am. She had a temperature through Friday and Saturday, but was back to her normal self yesterday. Apart from waking up last night with ‘two broken legs.’ It seems she had been suffering with cramp in her calves through the night. I gave her a leg massage this morning and then told her to walk it out until the ache subsided. Poor babe.

As for me, I spent yesterday in agony after waking up in the night to turn over only to discover that my hip seemed to have seized. I had been avoiding a sprung spring on the mattress (thanks to Princi using the bed as a trampoline) and had slept in a bad position. Ouch! It’s still slightly sore this morning, but much better than it was yesterday.

Still, with Princi’s ‘broken legs’ and my strange dreams, I am knackered today. Yeah, my subconscious was in overdrive again last night. Dreams of alien invasions and the strange insecty aliens (kind of like V meets Starship Troopers) using humans as symbiotic disguises plagued my dreams. A band of resistance fighters had set themselves up in a shanty town in the mountains – the thinner air being detrimental to the insecty things – but someone had still been ‘infected’. For some reason Apollo from the new BSG was one of the resistance leaders and it was Sam from Supernatural who had been ‘infected’. (Yeah, I don’t know what goes on in my mind when I’m not controlling it!) He had a tear in his calf where the thing had entered (maybe my subconscious was telling me about Princi’s cramp here!), but its tail was still visible (I can imagine what Freudian psychoanalysis would make of that!). Apollo was a medic of some sort and was thinking of a way to extract the alien. And that’s all I can remember.

Hopefully, the strangeness leaked now, I will be able to get moving on this LRRH essay. I’ve had a couple of false starts so far, suffering trouble with linking the points together, but I think I may have had a breakthrough this morning whilst listening to some music and blowing jewels up in Bejeweled. So, I shall have a cup of coffee and a cuddle from the cat and then I shall get cracking on the essay. With some luck and determination I might get a full first draft done today as tomorrow will be disturbed by sheds arriving and physio visits. Hmph.



1. johnhughes21 - October 12, 2009

When I saw the title for this post I thought it was going to be about Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney 😀 Hope the essay writing went well for you today. I think that dream you had could make a good story for when you get back to some ‘proper’ writing 😉

phoenixaeon - October 13, 2009

Heh! ‘Proper’ writing! Oh, how I wish I was writing proper writing! Nope, I’m no further along with the essay. It’s doing my head in! Saying that, I’m 1152 words in, just another 848 to write. Need to fit in some feminisim, Freudian psychoanalysis, a conclusion, and a few other bits and pieces into the wordcount. Let’s see if it’s doable!

2. dadwhowrites - October 12, 2009

Oh, oh OW! Poor you and poor Princi. Hope the essay is starting to work. And GD Swarm is a great iPhone timewaster too…

phoenixaeon - October 12, 2009

:O I can’t believe you’re trying to entice me away from the studying! How rude! 😉 *Goes off to look at GD Swarm*

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