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Picture books, poems and Princi. October 21, 2009

Posted by phoenixaeon in books, EA300, Instructions, Neil Gaiman, OU, The Principessa Files.

So I’ve just pre-ordered ‘Instructions‘ by Gaiman and Vess. Oh, how I am looking forward to getting this book. But, I shall have to wait until next June. Such a long wait. And such a pity. If it had been released in February then I would have been able to use it for the picture book essay on the kidlit course. As it is, it’s just hard luck. Ho hum. But still – eximacited!

It’s getting very stressful here. There’s still loads to do with moving things out of the back room, sorting the little bedroom out, and general decluttering, yet no matter what we do it feels like more stuff magically appears. There is just TOO MUCH STUFF! It’s even come to the point where I’ve had to start thinning down the book collection to make room, so Skidaddles dropped a big bag of books off at a charity shop the other day. *Sob* My beautiful books! But I suppose it’s better that way, I doubt I’d ever read the books I gave away again. After all, there are plenty of other unread books that need my attention.

Speaking of attention… Gaz came around last night, so that meant a climbing frame for Princi. Not an actual climbing frame, but tall, lanky Gaz! At one point she jumped on Gaz’s shoulders, grabbed under his chin, and started to lean backwards (good job Gaz happened to be sitting down). Gaz asked Princi, “Are you looking for attention?” To which Princi replied, “No, just trouble!” Little terror!

(Oh no. The postie has just delivered a box of choccies. I will have to remember to cancel that membership to the choccie club – although I thought I already had. Now I’ll have Princi begging for chocolate all day.)

Well, I should go and do some Jolly Phonics and learning to write with Princi. I may call radio silence Twitter and blog wise over the next week while I fight my way through the end of the LRRH essay and its further rewrites. I think I need to give myself some away from the internet time before it makes me feel paranoid.



1. dadwhowrites - October 24, 2009

Oh and books – I started my own clear out by losing most of the dead White males. Anything I could get on project Gutenberg unless the edition was particularly beautiful.

phoenixaeon - October 28, 2009

Oh, I’m not being that thorough yet! I’m still not comfortable with e-reading. But some reference books have gone and a good armful of paperback fiction. I just hope I don’t start to miss them!

2. dadwhowrites - October 24, 2009

Thank you for the link to poem! Never actually read any of Gaiman’s verse before – liked it. I think you may well have to Resort to radio silence soon – I certainly did. In fact, i may have to myself in a week or two.

phoenixaeon - October 28, 2009

The few blog and Twitter (almost) free days helped to get the essay finished, although I still think it’s a bit pants. Hopefully I’ll feel better about the next one.

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