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What’s going on? November 13, 2009

Posted by phoenixaeon in bed, Children's Literature, EA300, OU, The Principessa Files, TMA01, TMA02.

The poor blog. I’m neglecting it a bit with trying to get through the reading for the kidlit course. So I think it’s about time I posted again. (To the sound of an angle grinder… Or maybe that’s just the sound of my tired brain.)


Well, the new mattress finally turned up last Friday. Yay, I thought. Comfy sleep, here I come! Yeah. Not so much. The mattress was about three inches higher than my old one, and had a button-quilt effecty thing on top. Nice, yes, but practical? Not in my terms. The top of the mattress is done in such a way that it feels like traversing a mountain range. Now, you’re probably thinking “Just stop whinging already!” And you’re probably right. A mattress is a mattress. But it’s important to understand that with the muscular dystrophy, I get used to things in a certain way, move onto, off from, and across things in ways that accomodate my limited muscle strength and movement. A simple, flat mattress would have done me fine. This one looks comfortable, but it’s incredibly impractical and difficult to move on. The one plus is does have is that it’s easier to get up from. But that’s it. It’s not even particularly comfortable. Well, not for me it isn’t, either. I suppose that is what comes with asking another person to pick out a mattress for me. I’ll know, next time!


As for the kidlit course, well, good news. I received TMA01 back on Tuesday to rapturous self applause. I had been hoping to get around 60-70%, but the mark came back as 83%. Woohoo! I was very pleased. I’m not sure how I’m going to keep that standard up for the next one, but I’ll try. I’m struggling to get through the reading at the moment, let alone get my head around how I’m going to answer the essay question, but hopefully I’ll get there. I need to get past the next essay as I am looking forward to having a go at TMA03, which is focused around poetry for children. But first I need to fight my way through ideologies and focalisation.


As for Princi, she is still my little star. Her reading is going great guns, she has now learned to break difficult words down into smaller, managable fragments before trying to say the whole word, giving her lots more confidence reading aloud. Not that she didn’t have confidence before, but she is now needing less help and can happily sit and read quietly to herself, although she much prefers sitting with someone and reading to them. She is also practicing her writing more. The school sent a homework book home with her last week, so we do a letter (or two) each morning before school. At the moment she’s not too pleased about the writing, especially when she gets to the end of the dotted letters and has to try writing the letter herself. But she does try after a little moan. It’s also good that the school uses the Jolly Phonics system, as that is what we have at home too. Yay!


As for the building work. Here is it as it was yesterday morning:

Day 19

Day 19.

Right. Now I’m off to prop my eyelids up with Acme matchsticks and continue on with Little Women.



1. johnhughes21 - November 15, 2009

Well done with the assignment score! Always nice to do better than expected.

phoenixaeon - November 25, 2009

Thanks 😀

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