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The builder’s progress (and some general moans). November 25, 2009

Posted by phoenixaeon in Birthday, Building work, Children's Literature, EA300, OU, The Principessa Files, TMA02.

So as I’m procrastinating with my essay progress, I thought I’d get round to the building update. Here’s how it looked at end of workday 25 (last Friday).

Day 25 - Exterior.

Day 25 - Interior.

I think that considering the time of year and the crappy weather we’ve been having lately, the buiders are doing fabulously well getting this extension done. This week they are fixing up the stud walls and the plumber and electrician are trying to sort out their first fixes. Woohoo!

Yeah. Moans. So far, crappy birthday. Princi woke up with the intention of being incredibly difficult and argumentative, shouting at Grandand and then refusing to eat her breakfast. It didn’t really help when I told her that her behaviour was the cause of her not being allowed to come to my birthday meal this evening. There were tears in the coco pops. Sigh. I had to change tack and say that if she could be good all day at school then I would change my mind. This had some success as she started to eat her breakfast. At least she was good when it came time to getting her into her uniform.

As for the essay… Well, I’m blogging, so it’s not being written. I have managed to write a fifth of it though. Only another 1600 words to go! I’m hoping to crack another 200 words before lunch. At least I’ll feel as if I’ve done something then. If I can get a first draft done by the end of the week, I’ll feel so much better. As it is at the moment, I am at panic stations (the essay, btw, is due in next Thursday) and this is causing a horrible block. I need to destress! The idea of not getting the essay done is causing me to have anxiety dreams where I am the first female Doctor Who! I don’t see how that’s going to help me write this essay!

Anyway. Must get back to it.



1. John Hughes - November 25, 2009


2. skippy - November 25, 2009

Wow! That is coming along at a rate of knots! How fab! Have a lovely meal tonight, sorry we can’t be with you but we just can’t afford anything nice at the mo.

Enjoy and big hugs from me, Al and Mr logan xx

phoenixaeon - November 25, 2009

Aww, thanks Skips. I would have loved for you and the boys to have come tonight, but I understand about not being able to afford things. And Christmas doesn’t help!

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