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Don’t stop believin’! January 23, 2010

Posted by phoenixaeon in Cats, Children's Literature, Chuffed to little mintballs, EA300, OU, The Principessa Files, TMA03.

I woke up this morning to a mish-mash of emotions. Firstly, I was lovingly attacked by my little Princi. She jumped into my bed and huggled me until I was awake enough to put the TV on for her. She was hotly pursued by a Tazcat who just wanted attention – licking and biting fingers and butting heads just for a stroke, from both Princi and me. (I’m so happy that Tazcat will let her cuddle and stroke him. The other two leg it whenever she is near, frightened by her over-excitement. But lately Taz has even taken to sleeping on her bed with her at night. It’s so cute.)

After we had snuggled and I had put the TV on for Princi, I fumbled around on the bedside table for the iPhone. First thing to check – Aussie Open results. Bah! Colin Fleming and Ken Skupski had fallen in the second round of the men’s doubles. Double bah! Elena Baltacha and her doubles partner Liga Dekmeijere had also fallen in the second round of the women’s. Hmph! So then it’s time to have a look at emails…

There it was. The thing that inspires nausea to rise in my stomach every time. ‘Marked assignment available.’ Oh, I feel sick! Tentatively, I sign onto the OU website. Sick, sick, sick. How bad is the mark going to be? After all, it was a bit of a rubbish attempt, rushed due to being sick over Christmas and only having little over a week to re-read stuff and write the thing. And the conclusion was a bit crap, too. Yikes! I click on ‘Collect TMA’. I enter the details for the course, my eyes screwed up – ignorance is bliss when my brain is going through the best, fair to middling, and worst case scenarios of the result. I hope I haven’t failed. 60%. I’d be happy with 60%. Actually, no. 70%. That’s what I need to achieve on the rest of the essays if I want a pass 2 at the end of the course. I peek out from under lowered lashes, then open my eyes wide to make sure I haven’t misread the result. My hand flies to my mouth, covering squeaks of disbelief and amazement. 90%! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Holy heck! I am so pleased! I knew I was teetering on the edge of a distinction with the other essays, but I never expected to actually achieve it! Especially considering the silly mistake I had to email the tutor about. But yay me! Chuffed to little mintballs in a little mintball bath!

Happy Saturday!



1. John Hughes - January 24, 2010

What’s E301? Nah I don’t think I’ll do another course. I want to put all the stuff I’ve learnt into practice. That was the whole point of doing the creative writing courses (and I’ll have a diploma at the end of this year anyway)

I may get back to studying again in the future if there’s something I really fancy doing though.

phoenixaeon - January 24, 2010

E301 is ‘The Art of English’. It’s one of the courses that I had in the original plan for the degree. I had only planned to do an English language degree, but with EA300 it’s evolved into a literature and language degree. So, after the next level 3 course, I’ve two level 2 courses left to do, then I should have my degree. (Well, I’ll have a degree after the next two courses, but I want an honours degree!)

2. John Hughes - January 23, 2010

Well done on the result! You must be on course for a grade 1 this year then (sorry, don’t want to jinx it for you)

And I can see that you’re still practising some form of creative writing in the way you described the anticipation of collecting your TMA results – I can definitely relate to that. 🙂 Keep it going Ally, you’re doing really well.

PS. Hope you had a good new year. Did you get much snow?

phoenixaeon - January 23, 2010

Thanks John. I wouldn’t put me at grade one yet, but I’m not ruling it out yet. How’re you getting on with A363?

As for snow, we had a little, but not loads. It was more the ice before and after that was the problem!

John Hughes - January 23, 2010

A363 is going well thanks! Got 82% in last assignment, so I was chuffed with that. Have to do a critique for TMA03 though, which is a pain in the ass. I’m using the ‘mock forum’ (basically a fictional forum with some examples of work and comments on) as our TG forum has been pretty quiet (even worse than last year) and there’s not much work that I haven’t already critiqued.

The course is still sadly missing an Ally T, 😦 but I guess I’ll just have to carry on without.

Are you still planning on doing A363 next year?

phoenixaeon - January 23, 2010

Well done! That’s good going! Doesn’t sound good about the quiet tutor group forum, but at least there’s a back-up plan.

I’m not sure if I’m going to do A363 next year. Was thinking about doing E301. How about you? Are you going to carry on?

3. Kleddie - January 23, 2010

Congrats, Lexie!
Stop putting your writing down so much 🙂 You obviously have it in you to pass anything they throw at you ( sick or not ) . Stick with it and I might buy one of your books when you publish 🙂

phoenixaeon - January 23, 2010

Aww, ta Kleddie 🙂 I’m not doing the creative writing at the moment. I’m on a literature course. Mumbles’ll probably tell you about all the stressing I do about it, but it’s only because I want to do well in it and get a good degree.

How’s Val doing now? I hope she’s feeling better. 🙂

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