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Lost in a forest, yeah! January 26, 2010

Posted by phoenixaeon in Children's Literature, EA300, OU, Procrastinating, The Principessa Files, TMA04.

Sigh. It’s been one of those days. I had all good intentions of studying today…

  1. But the tennis was on. Andy vs. Rafa. Had to watch it. That wasted two and a half hours… Actually, probably a little longer. It finished around 11.45am, so closer to three hours.
  2. The lure of the internet. It called to me. “OOhh,” (because it’s like a ghost in my head) “come online. You know you want to, I’m as addictive as chocolate. I have binging emails, and no, it’s not all junk mail.’ (Yeah, right!) ‘I have Facebook.’ (So does my iPhone. Big whoopdedo!) ‘I have the OU library login. You can waste time looking for articles you don’t need.’ (Tempting; you gotta point there… ) ‘I have them there TV sites where you can watch them there TV shows before they’re aired over in the U of K!’ (Oh, go on then!)
  3. Princi comes home from school. It must be time to dance on the bed to Ravin’ Rabbids on the iPhone. Or time to take turns playing Doodle Jump. Or Bounce Down. Oh, maybe even have my set books read to me (that’s a novelty, but I love it when it happens). Ooh, I see, it’s time to argue about how you are taking too long to eat your dinner and why you can’t have chocolate cake for afters because it’s actually bedtime now. Oh, and here comes the “can’t have chocolate cake strop.” No, I won’t shout. I’ll keep calm. And quiet. And put Coraline on the iPod while I put some earphones in and watch Heroes on them there TV sites. And phew! You’re asleep.
  4. And now I shall blog while Survivors is on.

And so, tempus fugit. Fantabulous! I need someone to twist the key in my back to get me motivated again. (Or should that be motorvated?) So I will do two hours, maybe three, once Survivors is finished. After all, I want to survive through this course. I want to survive the endless forest of new vocabulary that I am lost in – although there does seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Even though I didn’t get much studying done today, in the few moments I did pick a book up I came to the realisation that I am slowly, but surely, understanding things. I know this because I re-read a critical essay that I first read at the the beginning of the course and cogs started clicking into place. I think I might even be starting to develop an answer towards the end of course assessment (ECA). This makes me muchos, muchos happy.

Let’s see if I can put my late night study plan into action.



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