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Reality setting in. January 27, 2010

Posted by phoenixaeon in Bendy beds and springy seats are supposed to be good for the health, Building work, Mindless rambling that you could do without!.

This time tomorrow, if all goes well, the kitchen will be almost finished. The fitters are scheduled to arrive in the morning to fit the units, and the plumber and electrician will be here as well to begin the push to finish off their last few jobs. Then all that’s left to do is decorate. Not so yay to the standard magnolia finish. I shall have to do something about that. However, this means that the move downstairs is floating on the horizon like a pirate ship full of false gold.

Why do I say false gold? Simple. Although the move downstairs will make life easier for me, it comes with the disclaimer of never being able to go upstairs again and therefore a suitcase of broken dreams. Dreams such as decorating the little room for Princi, so she can finally have her own room. I won’t be able to – and this is a strange dream, but so part of parenthood – tidy her bedroom with her. I will no longer be able to put Princi to bed, or sit on the side of her bed (something I’ve never been able to do as she is still using the cotbed) and read her a story (she has either lain in her own bed, or cuddled up next to me on mine). I know these dreams sound silly and little, but not being able to do other things for her, like take her to school or the park – things Grandand does with her – means I need these moments to feel like I’m not failing her.

I know it’s a necessary evil to be downstairs – particularly because I can get aan adjustable bed, something that will help my Skidaddles as he won’t need to lift me half as much – but it makes me sad that I’m not going to be able to do the things a Mum should be able to do for her daughter. Hopefully, the fact that we can finally get a dining table will aid in mending some of those woes. We’ve never sat around a dinner table together at home because of lack of space. But now we’ll have that space. Maybe it’ll even encourage Princi to eat her food properly, rather than her taking over an hour (usually) to eat her dinner. And that’s when she’ll eat.

Ho hum. Grin and bear it. I’ll have to.

Oh. Just ignore me. I think I may be feeling a little sorry for myself.



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