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Time and relative dimension in space. February 6, 2010

Posted by phoenixaeon in Children's Literature, EA300, OU, TMA04.



Head exploding!

Yep, it’s that time of the month again. No, not that time! The time where I enter into concentrated essay writing. And research to back up my thoughts. And research to back up the research just to make sure I have the concepts right. *Nausea*

This time around I am writing an essay on the the comparison of realism and the fantastic on the development of child protagonists in Swallows and Amazons, Tom’s Midnight Garden, and Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. If I never write the word Bildungsroman again, it’ll be too soon! Holy heck! I am tying myself up in knots working out themes and chronotypes, and throwing myself into a Bakhtin crash course to fully understand (well, understand more than I do now) the concept of chronotope as it relates to the books. I so wish I had done the level 2 literature course before embarking on this course. It might have helped me at times like this. I suppose that’s what excitement and impatience gets me! But hey ho, I’m still enjoying the course in some masochoistic way!

Anyway. Back to the grind.



1. dadwhowrites - February 12, 2010

I never actually read Bakhtin! But it looks like I really should..

2. Lore - February 9, 2010

‘I so wish I had done the level 2 literature course before embarking on this course.’
So do I! I am still confused as to why I signed up for EA300. I appreciate the importance of it all, but blimey, is this difficult or what! I recall having some vague illusion that all we had to do was read some guidelines and write stories for kids – seemples!

phoenixaeon - February 10, 2010

Hi Lore,
Oh, I know why I signed up for EA300 (being able to read Harry Potter and His Dark Materials and saying I was studying!), but I wasn’t expecting it to be this confusing. I mean, it’s children’s lit, is shouldn’t be confusing, should it? But oh my! Is it really as complicated as some of these critics make it? It is interesting, mind you. 😀

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