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Zombies for dinner? February 26, 2010

Posted by phoenixaeon in bedtime, iPhone, The Principessa Files, Zombies.

Silly me. Silly, silly me!

Last week, I purchased a game on the iPhone called Plants vs. Zombies. Now, while it’s a fab game, Princi noticed the game icon and immediately wanted to play it. So, I thought, it can’t harm. It’s a silly cartoony animation, and c’mon, the plants kill the zombies. Not scary in the least. And Scooby Doo is scarier, if you’re looking for comparisons! Anyway, Princi happily played it, took it to Nanny and forced Nanny to play it, and all was fine. Until a day later when it was time for bed.

“Don’t turn the light out, Mummy, or the zombies will come!”

Oh great! Here we go.

“No they won’t, babe, it’s only a game.”

“Yes they will. And they’ll eat my brains!”

Fan-bloody-tastic. This is going to happen every night.

“They won’t, Noodle. Zombies don’t really exist. And look, plants kill the zombies in the game. So they can’t be that scary, can they?”

“But I’m scared of the zombies!”

Panic mode. What can I say to make her feel better? Eeks! Now I’m scared of the zombies.

“Well, I’m here with you, and the zombies are scared of Mummy!”

“But they’ll eat your brains too!”

This isn’t going to end, now, is it?

“Then I’ll hit them with a tennis racket and make them into chips!”

Silence. Can I afford a tiny yay? Then…

“Yes, make the zombies into chips and we can eat them!”

Eugh! My daughter, zombie cannibal!

“Eugh, no, Noodle! I’ll make them into chips and feed them to the birds.”

“And don’t forget to save enough to feed us, too!”

“Okay, if you really want to eat zombie chips, you can. But go to sleep now.”

“Okay, Mummy. And make sure you have the tennis racket ready!”

So here I am, every night: Princi’s defender, armed with a magic and invisible tennis racket…




1. dadwhowrites - February 27, 2010

I’m amazed this hasn’t happened to us, given dudelet’s diet of iPhone games (I’m think his brief tenure with the one where you shoot hordes of oncoming teddy bears wth a crossbow) and Doctor Who but so far, it hasn’t happened. I suspect we may have issues with Little Elf, though, who inadvertently encounters stuff which is less than suitable, shall we say, for a two year old.

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