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I may actually be crying bloody tears! March 4, 2010

Posted by phoenixaeon in Children's Literature, EA300, OU, TMA05.

My brain is melting and oozing from my ears like a flood of overcooked puy lentil mush. My eyes have exploded into a gooey mess of strawberry jam ectoplasm. My inspiration has evaporated like the Invisible Man, sans bandages. Yep, naked inspiration, that’s my problem. It definitely needs some embellishment.

What is causing this demolition site of me? TMA05. Seemples.

Sigh. I had been looking forward to this essay, but so far it has sapped me dry and has given up very few words. This means I am probably going at it from the wrong angle. Maybe I need to fight dirty and sneak attack it. Problem is, it’d probably hear my thoughts crashing through the enchanted forest, breaking every dry twig in its wake. I am at a loss as to what to do, short of calling in Dahl’s Little Red Riding Hood and a hip-mounted M214 minigun. Oh, the Freudian psychoanalysts would be frothing at the mouths!

I think I have confused myself with an overabundance of information – including an hour tonight trawling reviews for Wolves in the Walls from 2003. OK, so I know that reviews have nothing to do with the analysis I am meant to be doing as such, but I was looking for some general pointers that I could then get my claws into and jam up the essay with. But I think I have burnt myself out! Yikes!

Add to that the utter indecision about which pictures to use, and you have one very thoroughly dejected me. I feel it may be time to leave any hopes of studying tonight and come back to it tomorrow and look at it from a different perspective. Maybe even start to write anything and see if it blooms into life. Hopefully that will point me in the direction of which pics to choose for ease of evidencing my points.

Sigh. Fingers crossed.



1. Dad Who Writes - March 4, 2010

How is the actual question worded?

phoenixaeon - March 5, 2010

Basically – “Discuss how words and image create meaning.”

Then there are ‘guidelines’ mentioning the articles ‘recommended’, (meaning refer to at least two of them if you want decent marks), and then suggestions of just closely analysing two pages or taking a wider perspective and starting with postmodernism and then bringing it down to analysis (which was the plan – wider knowledge base, better marks). It’s just ekeing out a starting point.

dadwhowrites - March 5, 2010

Hmm. Why not step back from literature and look at texts discussing pure visual art? Someone like cindy Sherman? Or in more ancient terms, Blake, though I’ve never read any PM criticism on him? What are Dave McKean’s sources?

phoenixaeon - March 5, 2010

Yeah, looked into that. Max Ernst and old gothic horror films. And you can see the Ernst in the lines and the horror influence in his use of shading. There’s even one picture that has a close compositional resemblance to an Ernst painting: where the family are stood at the bottom of the garden, the hill, house, tree, and wolf mirror the shape of the strange hill in the picture “The Fantastic Cypress”. (I think that’s what it’s called.)

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