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And out come the wolves. March 13, 2010

Posted by phoenixaeon in Bog Child, books, Children's Literature, EA300, ECA, End of EA300, Imagery, OU, TMA06.

I am still toying with the lost opportunities of various interesting (or what I think would have been interesting) points for the last essay in my head. Argh! If only I’d have left it a couple of days before I submitted it. But then, I had already meandered into the discretionary 10% over the word limit allowance, and I didn’t really want to stray too far from the allowance. So I suppose it could have been a blessing in disguise. Still, I managed not to include the different fonts used to differentiate between dialogue and narration (bum!) or expanding the point of the sleeper cell of wolves (or was that the humans, after all, Lucy is seen in bed/attempting sleep at various points of the story) becoming anthropomorphic and becoming a ‘human parody’. Ho hum!

Anyway. ‘Tis done. Cannot bring it back. It has gone to the cyber-woodsman for slaying and insertion of stones to weigh down its insatiable word-wobbling belly. Which leads me on to the next thing…

Bog Child by Siobhan Dowd

It is coming increasing close to the end of the course now – and a well received three month break (which may see me purchase an XBox360 and FFXIII, meaning interactive immersion into a story that I will endeavour not to analyse!), so I have been thinking a lot about the final ECA. Yes, I know I still have TMA06 to get through first, but I need to start planning the ECA so I feel confident writing to the extended word count. I mean, 4,000 words is a heck of a jump from 2,000, and as I have not found any critical essays on Bog Child – I am more or less sure that I will tackle this option – I am having to work through ideas and find other essays in addition to vague quotes and comments from essays in the course readers that may help the cause. So today, while having a nosy around and reading a few reviews, I found this review. Now, while it is a bog (no pun intended) standard review, it was the ending that caught my attention:

As a side note, it is curious that the cover of the US edition features the same picture of a shirtless boy in a field as the UK edition, but that on the US version, the boy’s torso has been covered over in orange highlighter.  It’s hard to understand what could be the reason for this change which looks very like censorship.

I’m not sure I agree with the censorship issue, but it does have me intrigued. Why orange? I could understand the symbolic use if it represented the Orange Lodge, but if any religion was represented, it was Catholic. There was the ferrying of contraband contraception, but even that would not suggest the use of orange (would it?). So, I am putting it out there for any suggestions. What do you think the publishers were trying to imply by using orange, if anything? (And I feel there must be some sort of symbolic representation as the cover itself is fairly symbolic of religion and personal sacrifice.)



1. carly - April 12, 2010

Hi ya, Well having looked at this myself and researched a little bit into bog mummies, they are almost always a reddish-orange colour, stained by the bog – Mels hair was described as very red / orange wasn’t it (albeit dyed) so maybe it could be to show the connection between Mel and Fergus??? That even though they were hundreds of years apart, they were similar / connected in some way. Just a thought? Maybe completely off track.

Also just found something about the ‘orange order’ – more a protestant organisation but maybe worth a look.

Am also struggling to find 4000 words to write – still TMA 06 to get done first though, can’t wait to finish. Good luck with yours.

Any other ideas I’d be happy to discuss

Take care

Carly x

phoenixaeon - April 13, 2010

Hi Carly,
Interesting about the red/orange and bog staining 😀 I’d not thought about that. I had thought about religion, but I’d ruled that out as I felt the narrative was geared more towards the Catholic side, despite the claims of not believing.

Just about to get TMA06 wrapped up today. I can’t think straight about the ECA until that’s gone, so it’s fine toothcomb day for it, before sending out to the cybersharks. Then it’s time to decide what blocks I think I might use in the ECA and if I even feel confident enough to tackle Bog Child. I definitely need to get my good study head on.

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