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The word girl… April 8, 2010

Posted by phoenixaeon in Children's Literature, EA300, OU, Protection poem, The Principessa Files, TMA06.

I am not. I am so close to getting to the end of the first draft (well, first full draft. All the bits already written have been played with and changed on the way, so really it’s almost finished) of the essay. I mean, it’s finished, it has an end, it’s just the middle bit of the middle section that I need to find. And then I’ll be done. I have a day of work ahead of me tomorrow to find the final 270 words. And it will take all day, unless Princi has a moment of concentration and lets me get on with it. Highly doubt that, though!

As for Princi, we have both been bugged with a horrible cough. Again. Princi seems to be over most of it now, but it’s sticking around a little longer for me. Grr! I hate coughs! Other than that, she’s having moments of good and bad. Today has been more bad than good and she has been told off and confined to her bed a number of times. But during the good times she’s played with her chemistry set – she loves doing the erupting volcano experiment, and she’s made a bracelet with Nanny. Oh, and she recreated the treasure map I drew for her the other day because she had lost the original. She did a pretty good job of it too, remembering where all the places were, and she even drew in Nuzzle and Scratch herself! Yay! And here is the crazy pirate scientist herself:

Crazy pirate scientist Principessa

Crazy pirate scientist Principessa

There has been one problem, though. She has developed an irrational fear of quicksand to the point of crying about seeing Tom (from Tom and Jerry) get sucked into a sinkhole. But we made up a silly rhyme together for her to recite when she gets scared, so she is less frightened now. And the silly rhyme?

Quicksand, quicksand, don’t you suck –

Quicksand, quicksand, you’re out of luck!

Quicksand, quicksand, you won’t get me –

Quicksand, quicksand, I’ll break free!



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