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Awesome: The Return. April 17, 2010

Posted by phoenixaeon in Geeksomeness, Neill Cameron.

Or, more aptly, the delivery. *Geek squeeeeeeee* The A-Z of Awesomeness poster arrived today. It rocks! I can’t wait to get sorted downstairs, get it framed, and put it up. I luvz it!

Princi luvz it too. She prowled, as she always does when there is an interesting-looking package in her presence, like a curious cat hunting for a spectral doorway while I opened the large cardboard-stiffened envelope. As the last gluey bit unstuck, her eyes widened in anticipation – but then I was saying to her ‘Oh, Princi, what’s in the envelope? Ooooh, I’m all excited!’ I put my hand into the envelope, pulled out the oh so shiny poster, and turned it around so Princi could see it.

‘Wow! It’s fabulous! I like it,’ she said, awe painting her face in smiles and big eyes.

I began reading out the letters. ‘A is for Aztecs in Atomic Armour…’ But as I reached ‘D is for,’ Princi stopped me.

‘No, Mummy, no! I must read this one out! D is for Doctor Who Defeating Doctor Doom in a Deadly Disco Dance-off. That one is my favourite!’

D is for...

And with that, I am proud to know that I am teaching my daughter the inspirational lessons of ‘The Way of the Geek.’



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