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And now, the end is near… April 23, 2010

Posted by phoenixaeon in Children's Literature, EA300, ECA, End of EA300, OU.

And so I face my final essay…

Or so I’d hoped. Hmph!

I sat down today, books surrounding me like a crazy paving collage of critics, the computer warmed up and co-operative, and the essay question peering over the screen like a Chad with ‘EA300 woz ere’ scrawled in magical mystery marker in the air above it. Eeks! Just another 4,000 words, give or take a few and discounting references, and it’s all over. With all the gusto you can muster when it comes to academic writing, I placed my fingers on the keys and started to spill my brain in binary code upon the LCD paper… But then, the accelerator broke. No amount of thumbs in temples would knead my failing brain into action.

I forgot how to formulate actual sentences. One sentence exceeded 100 words. What? Words felt like chewed bubblegum as they unstuck themselves from my fingers. Oh crap! That’s when I realised – this essay isn’t going to work. Which means, at almost 1,000 words in, I am going to have to see if I can break into the other essay question. In the words of the Mutant Enemy zombie monster thingie – grrrr, argh!

So, my plan for tomorrow is to re-plan. To give a quick read over of the construction of childhood stuff – oh, yay! Puritan madness <roll eyes> – and then to decide which four books I shall try to hacky-slashy in order to determine the extent of the preservation of the romantic conception of childhood. What fun…

At least I have five weeks to battle the essay. Maybe by the end of it I will have two to choose from. (And yes, that does mean that when I get stuck with this one I’ll go back to the first one. Glutton for punishment? Me? Nah!)



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