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Of bogs and truths and gardens. May 9, 2010

Posted by phoenixaeon in Bog Child, Children's Literature, EA300, ECA, End of EA300, OU, TMA06, Uncategorized, What goes on in Princi's head?.

Eeks! Eighteen days left. 3,000 words written. Coherent argument fumbled. Too much to do, too little time?

On the plus point – got TMA06 back today. Yay! Another good mark above 90%, so chuffed to little mintballs. That means if I can get 85% on the ECA I have managed a first. That would be amazing! I would be chuffing like a chuffing train stuffed with chuffed little mintballs! And yes, that an awful lot of chuffedness! But before then, I have to battle with the rest of the ECA essay. That is really dragging me down. Sigh.

I have just under 1,000 words left to find for it. That shouldn’t be too hard. No, it’s more the constructing it into a decent argument. I am having the crisis of confidence thing with this once again. I’m worried I’m not using enough references. Worried I’m writing too much about the plot of the story. Worried I’m not getting enough depth into the points I’m making. Generally, I’m just worried. It’s making me feel ill. Gah! You know, I hate exams, absolutely despise them, but right now I’d gladly throw my hand for it to all be over in three hours. That way I wouldn’t have the time to question my knowledge, to second guess myself. It’d just have to be done and that’d be it. But no, I have eighteen more days to sit and stew. Bugger and butt nuggets! So tomorrow it’s on with Bog Child. On with The Other Side of Truth. On with Tom’s Midnight Garden. And it’s on with working out the history and traditions that tie them all together, hopefully with some pertinent quotes and decent themes. I know I will have something to submit in seventeen days time (don’t want to push it to the limit in case of server overload on the electronic submission site), but if it’ll be any good is anyone’s guess. I’ll have to wait until August to find out. Argh!

And besides, according to Princi:

Botheration! There is difficulty in the crossing between Cape Horn and the Antarctic.

So there.

(That about sums up my state of mind!)



1. John Hughes - May 18, 2010

Just posted my ECA today. What a relief! You’ll be glad when it’s gone, I can tell you, but well done on all the great results you’ve been getting. You should be well on course for a distinction – touch wood 🙂

Half way through the degree now aren’t you (after this one, I mean)? What course are you doing next, or haven’t you decided yet?

Personally, I’m finished with studying for now as I should have my diploma after this – so long as I pass. I want to try and use what I’ve learnt to write a book now.

Anyway, good luck with your ECA, although I’m sure you don’t need it! 😀

2. dadwhowrites - May 12, 2010

Given your marvellous results to date, all I’m going to do is shout encouragement!

phoenixaeon - May 12, 2010

Thanks 😀

3. Rachel - May 9, 2010

Wooo! Well done on the amazing marks for TMAs! Good luck with the final push! 🙂

phoenixaeon - May 9, 2010

Thank you 😀

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