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Argh! It’s a mini beast! May 23, 2010

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So, during a glorious day of sunshine when even Princi found it too warm to play out, we’ve been drawing and watching DVDs. Well, when I say DVDs, I mean one DVD. Robots. It’s her favourite at the moment, despite having free reign over the other DVDs.

Anyways, Princi was happily lying on the floor drawing when all of a sudden she jumped up.

‘Argh! It’s a mini beast!’

She ran over to me, demanding hugs and comforting, before going back to look again.

‘Argh! It’s a horrible mini beast!” she screeched, before picking up a piece of paper. Scooting around to me again, she placed the paper on my knee.

‘This is what it looks like, Mummy,’ she said, and proceeded to draw the culprit. I was stunned that I could identify what it was she was drawing!

‘Oh,’ I said, once she had finished drawing. ‘That’s just an earwig.’

‘Yes, an earwig. But it’s still a horrible mini beast!’

‘It’s OK, it can’t hurt you,’ I said. Then an idea popped into my head. ‘Can you write the word “earwig”?’

(She’s been having trouble writing her letters recently. It was an opportunity to get some practice in.)

‘Oh, yes, I can,’ Princi said. ‘Earwig… That starts with a difficult spelling. E…’

So Princi began to write. Squeee! She’d written the lower case ‘e’ correctly, the first time I’d ever seen her do that without guidance. Then she shocked me again. She knew how to spell ear! I thought she might have been tricked by the ‘e’ sound and miss the ‘a’, but no. I really shouldn’t doubt my daughter! I didn’t know how she’d handle the ‘w’, but no problems. Then the ‘g’ came. She’s never been confident with ‘g’s. But not this time. First time. Pride burst in a big hug and lots of squeeee-ing. A drawing and some writing and spelling, all unassisted. So chuffed!

And here it is.

Princi's earwig.

Princi's earwig.



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