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The day cometh. May 27, 2010

Posted by phoenixaeon in A210, Children's Literature, Downstairs, EA300, ECA, End of EA300, OU, The Principessa Files.


The end of EA300. At 12pm the course will officially finish. That is the cut-off time for the ECA.  I submitted mine last Friday, then spent the weekend agonising about whether or not to resubmit as I knew I needed to change around 100 words. I swayed back and forth between ‘No, I can’t, it’d be like cheating,’ and ‘But it’s like revision. Exam day isn’t until the 27th,’ to ‘I’d be stupid not to, if the option is there.’ So come Monday gone, I fixed the words, referenced them, then checked everything else was fine. Yikes! Good job I did, as I found an unreferenced quote. So I fixed that, corrected the rest of the numerical references and sent the bloody thing back. Although the essay is a bag of pants (yep, that old chestnut again!), I am glad I changed that little bit in the essay. But oh gosh! Am I happy the course is done! It was by far the most challenging, albeit the most enjoyable/frustrating, course I have ever done. But given the chance I’d do it all again. I LOVED it!

Apart from the course ending, other things have been a little different too. It’s been almost two weeks now since I moved into the downstairs room. It’s all good apart from when the bedroom floor gets wet, as I discovered on Monday. The OT had popped by to see how I was getting on in the new room and to see how I was managing with transfers from the shower chair to the bed using the banana board. Yeah, it’s a bit of a struggle, but I can manage it with a struggle and a little panic in the middle. However, I hadn’t expected there to be any water on the chair. But there was. And it dripped onto the tiled floor. After the OT had left and as I stood up from the bed, wouldn’t you know it, but that little drop of water sent me tumbling to the floor like a sack of blindfolded elephants. I am so surprised that my head didn’t bounce off the floor, the only part of my body that didn’t! We spent the best part of half an hour working out how to get me up, as we soon discovered that the inflatable lifter was out of power and the power plug hadn’t been replaced despite telling the Moving and Handling Team of the problem last November. We ended up having to use the BathBuddy to raise me up enough so that my Dad could lift me up onto the bed. So not fun. Still, at least now I know to keep some kitchen roll in the bedroom to dry the floor after having a shower!

Despite the teething problems with the new room, it’s really nice to be down here. The room is full of light and it is amazing to wake up in the morning bathed in sunlight. I just need to get some potted fruit trees around the window and get the rest of the garden sorted and I’ll be a happy bunny. Princi is still having trouble with the move downstairs, she has taken to sleeping in my bed again. It’s not very comfortable as the bed is six inches narrower than a normal double bed. I am hoping that once the little room upstairs is sorted out for her that she will be more willing to sleep on her own. But I don’t expect that she will, although I hope that she will surprise me.

Anyways. Enough of my babbling. Off to read Frankenstein – one of the set books for my next OU course!



1. Metajugglamum - June 19, 2010

Don’t know how I missed all these blogs. Shame on me.
Muslins is a great idea. My Sis sent me a pack when I had L .. sure she got them from Mothercare. Have you found some yet?
Hope you have managed to persuade little girl to sleep in her room now. Sounds tough, the whole sharing a bed thing. I couldn’t do it in the long-term … not the way L snores!! x

phoenixaeon - June 20, 2010

Nope, not got any muslins yet.

As for Princi sleeping in her own bed, she does it sometimes, so for now I’m happy with that. I’m too soft when it comes to the sleeping thing – but I think that’s down to a little emotional blackmail from Princi. She is very afraid of being on her own, she seems to think we’re all going to leave her. I have no idea why. If it gives her some comfort to stay in my room, then it’s okay by me. Just wish she was a little tidier! Thing is, even if she didn’t ninja into the bed, then the cat would still be here. Woke up this morning to a Princi cuddling my arm and a cat trapping my legs! Pains in the bottom, the both of them!

2. Pippy - May 27, 2010

Hi Again
Muslins I got from John Lewis & MotherCare – you may have some left from baby days?
The flooring /waffle matting – I’ve found a name “interflex splash” – not sure whether this is a trade name or generic name. Google it, I’m sure you’ll find it. Also you’ll need to check it will meet your needs. It was only an idea.

3. Pippy - May 27, 2010

What course are you doing next?

Sounds like you had a dreadful time. Glad it didn’t end with vinegar and brown paper.

Re your kitchen roll in the bedroom, I have a supply of muslins which I use for Invisible Dragon when he goes swimming so he can dry the floor/benches in the changing room.

Its more economic & efficient than kitchen roll. I just wash them with the towels. Unlike kitchen roll, where a wet hand on the roll or being left in the wrong place means it sucks up water and goes horrid, muslins just sit & deal with it? Another thought would be a small piece of the waffle matting which you often find in gyms/hotel changing rooms. Its non slip and water absorbent, (maybe difficult to clean domestically though).

phoenixaeon - May 27, 2010

Ooh, that sounds like a good idea. Now I shall have to find where to buy the muslins. See, I’ve got to find something that I can wheel the wheelchair onto myself and that won’t slip when I transfer from the chair to the bed. But that’s definitely something to look into. Thanks 😀

As for the next course, I’m doing A210. Get the literature course with the exam out of the way!

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