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Oh! To be an artist. June 13, 2010

Posted by phoenixaeon in iPhone.

Since the end of EA300, I’ve been feeling at a loss. I should be reading the set books for my next course, but I am in a state of permanent can’t-be-arsedness. Instead, I’ve been playing about with photo apps for the iPhone, hoping that I’ll find an ounce of creativity. But, alas, I am useless.

First I played with Hipstamatic.

Taken using the 'John S' lens

Taken using the 'Robo Glitter' lens

S’okay, but you can’t do much with the picture once it’s been taken. Still, it can make some boring looking images appear interesting (as with the glass, Princi is always interesting).

I’ve also been playing with PS Mobile, but again, it’s pretty limited in the effects it provides. But it does have the capacity to crop images, something I like (although I didn’t crop the image below).

Brightened using 'White glow'

(As you can see, my photo taking could be better. But I never claimed to be a photographer!)

The final one I’ve used is Brushes. Now, this is not simply a photo app, but rather a painting app. You can import photos into the app and then paint over them, or you can draw freehand and create your own iPhone masterpieces. I’ve enjoyed playing with this one, though I haven’t tried doing anything without the aid of a photo as yet. And here is where you discover I have no artisitic ability at all!

Tazcat, unpainted.

Tazcat, interpreted

It might be crap, but I had fun finding my way around the app. There’s still lots I haven’t looked at, so I’ve plenty to discover. All I have to do now is practice my one-finger iPainting, so my useless digits can begin to make (not very good, but fun all the same) art that doesn’t rely on a pre-photo!



1. Powerfairy - June 23, 2010

You made me smile. Thank you. I LOVED the colourful cat, the little girl and the glass. All fab pictures and fab words.

phoenixaeon - June 23, 2010

Thank you 😀 You’re too kind!

2. Dad Who Writes - June 20, 2010

I’m kind of quite fascinated with the grain you get on iPhone pictures in the right kind of light (and that touch focusing is really quite effective. Cropping? Get the shot right in the first place 🙂 I mess around with my DSLR pix a fair bit but the iPhone camera is pure Dogme…

phoenixaeon - June 21, 2010

Re: the cropping. As I said, I’m not much of a photographer (as the pics showed!) and I’m happy to admit that. It’s not something I’ve put my head and heart into (yet), so until it is cropping will be my friend! And besides, sometimes I can’t get close enough to just get the picture I want (curse the limited movement!), so I need the cropping fallback 😀

Hmmm… One day, I will get a real camera. Just to see if I can get a good pic!

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