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Coversations in the sun. July 11, 2010

Posted by phoenixaeon in Conversations with Principessa, The Principessa Files.

So, Nanny and Princi were sat out in the garden earlier, soaking up the sun and reading. I would say hmm at Princi’s choice of book – The Thorn Birds. I know she doesn’t read it, she just carries it around like a safety blanket. (She has been doing this ever since she was about 1, back then her safety blanket book was about programming in BASIC on a Spectrum.) I could hear Princi gabbling on, she never stops, so I sat still and listened.

Nanny: What book have you got there? (looks at the book) Oh, The Thorn Birds.

Me (shouting from indoors): It’s ok. She doesn’t actually read it.

Nanny: That’s good. There’s sex and violence in there.

Me: Don’t say that out loud!

Princi: Yes, I don’t even want to hear about it!


Nanny: What do you do at school?

Princi: I go to school on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday. Oh, and Thursday and Friday.

Nanny: What about Saturday and Sunday?

Princi: I stay at home.

Nanny: And what do you do at home?

Princi: I watch DVDs and… I get bored. I get no simulation!


Yeah, so she said simulation instead of stimulation, but still it made me feel like a bad Mum! So I don’t give her enough to do :s


Nanny: Do you like… tidying up?

Princi: Nooooo!

Nanny: Do you like… making a mess?

Princi: I do.


Little terror, she is. But she’s a clever little terror. She brought her school report home with her on Friday and I beamed with pride reading it. I even laughed out loud when the teacher had put:

‘She reads poetry to the class and she even uses terms like “alliteration”.’

Hehehe! I bet that shocked them, especially as she can tell them what alliteration means. She makes me so proud, it’s untrue!

I have also come to the realisation that Princi is quite adept at fitting scripts from whatever she has been watching into everyday situations. The best example of this happened this morning. She had eaten her breakfast in the bedroom, but had left the milk dregs at the bottom. She picked up the tray that the bowl was on and started gabbling to herself:

Careful. Keep it steady. Don’t spill a drop. I said keep it steady!

Now, this just shows how often I’ve had to watch this with her, but this little script snippet is from Doctor Who, season 2 – School Reunion. It just amazes me that she finds situations where she can use these lines. There was a time I wanted to live in Johnny Vegas’s head, but now I think I’d like to live in Princi’s head, just to experience how she makes various connections between the real world and her mental landscape!



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