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Oh, the consciousness vomits forth… July 12, 2010

Posted by phoenixaeon in Freewrite.

A late night freerwrite. Maybe, just maybe, ideas may be germinating. At least there’s some creativity from a typo here. An exerpt from the freewrite from five minutes ago… And time is of the pureed and typo-ed essence!

ho hum, isn’t that the way of the world? it’s always too late. latelatelate. I’m pissed off with always being early! hmmm. perpetually early. that could bugger up a timeline, couln’t it? ooh, something to play with but no thinking now! timelimes… timelimes? that’s a new one! waht about time oranges or bananas? always on the curved path there… but it’s the path of least resistance, isn’t it? Slip slide, timewarp. ooff.. the fruits of all knowledge. the fruit shop at the end of time. but is the end, or the beginning. oh , the paradox pomegranite! stop with the fruit already! I’m turning into a plum!



1. dadwhowrites - July 14, 2010



Good to see…

2. Powerfairy - July 12, 2010

: )

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