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Life in the Dark Ages. July 21, 2010

Posted by phoenixaeon in Bendy beds and springy seats are supposed to be good for the health, iPhone, LGMD, Power cut.

Yesterday = horrible. It piddled down with rain all day so my room felt like a badly lit underwater cavern and then at 16:20 (ish) – Hmm. There is something different about the room, but I can’t put my finger on it. And why has the computer screen darkened like it does when it’s not plugged into the charger? I know it’s plugged in.

“Oh no! The tele is broken,” screams a disgruntled Principessa from the front room. Ah. Power cut. The constant downpour of rain has affected the electricity. Fabulous…

“Supposedly the electricity went off at 15:53,” says Grandand. “Anyway, it’s not going to be back on until after six.” Ah well, six o’clock. I could deal with that, and it would mean that I could put the light on so I wouldn’t have to strain my eyes while I read another chapter of Freak the Mighty to Princi as her bedtime story. But come six o’clock, nada.

Another call to the electricity folks. “No electricity until at least midnight.” Brilliant! It’s going to be a dark and stormy night, just like Snoopy’s story states. “It’s a good job you’re not going to the cinema, now,” says Grandand. “You wouldn’t be able to get off the bed.”

Bugger! I hadn’t thought about that. I had been sitting on the bed when the electricity went off and it hadn’t dawned on me that the bed would no longer work. Hoping that it would have some sort of back-up power store, I clicked the button to make it rise. Nope. Nothing. Stuck. Then further realisations… Now I can’t get to the loo. But then, that’s just as problematic, as the battery on Bog209 has been FUBARed for three weeks with no repair date on the horizon. Totally buggered, I am. But then, so is Grandand. His CPAP machine needs electricity too. There’s no going to sleep tonight if there’s no electricity.

In the midst of all of this, Princi discovers that the DVD battery is fully charged, so she sits down to watch The Iron Giant and is completely unaffected by the whole loss of power. At least someone is happy! She sets up her table with her ‘stuff’, then happily acts out bits of the film in between watching it and playing with her bits and bobs.

7:30pm. I tell Princi to tidy all her stuff away and to get ready for bed. She does it without argument, then goes and asks Grandand for a glasstic of milk and ‘a couple of’ cookies – this has become part of her bedtime routine over the last couple of weeks. She snuggles down under her quilt and quietly nibbles on the cookies while I read the story to her. Every now and again she asks a question, I answer, she natters for a minute or so, then I carry on with the story. I’m enjoying reading to her at the moment, and we haven’t listened to an audiobook in about a month. No wonder I hadn’t realised that the iPod needed recharging, so I am disappointed when I go to listen to some music once Princi’s alseep.

Instead, I lie back and listen to the rain. It crackles like fire on the skylight, and in my mind’s eye I can see flames shooting up with every drop of rain. The house is silent, it’s like a mausoleum, except for the little sleepy sighs that escape from underneath Princi’s quilt. It’s strange when I think how noisy the house actually is when there is electricity – then, when everything is ‘turned off’ it is only faux silence. Without the static buzz, this is true silence. It eats sound.

Then I remember that there is still a little juice left in the iPhone, so I listen to some music via the Swiss Army knife of telephones. (I so ❤ my iPhone – music, sudoku, torch, and access to Facebook and Twitter. I couldn’t be without it! Just a pity it couldn’t make a cup of tea!)

11.45pm. I’m going to have to be brave and see if I can find a way of getting my balance after being lifted off the bed. There’s one of those white light LED lights above the bathroom door giving off this flat, cold light, like moonlight only not as silvery, so I’m not too worried about loosing my balance due to inadequate light. No, the problem is I have nothing to support myself on once Grandand has lifted me. I panic, gripping onto Grandand’s shoulders. “I can’t do it! I can’t get my balance! And now I’m too far away from the bed to sit back down!” I am such a crybaby when I get into these situations. I really panic, I expect people want to smack me across the face like Leslie Nielson does to panicking woman in Airplane! I finally work out a way to fall back onto the bed, just as Gaz, my brother, pops over after visiting his friends. Between us, we work out a way to get me standing, but as I go to walk into the bathroom I am suddenly stopped by an invisible barrier. My balance starts faltering again, and I find I can’t physically walk in through the bathroom door – my depth perception has been affected by the difference in light quality. It’s almost as if the white light from the LEDs has put up a forcefield. We end up having to put a torch in the bathroom, just so I can walk through the door!

Midnight. Guess what. Still no electricity.  Also, no music or sudoku. The battery on the iPhone has died. Grandand goes to call the electricity folks while Gaz and I have a warming tot of Drambuie.

12:15 – As we are chatting, Grandand comes downstairs. “Just call me God,” he says. “And let there be light.” He switches on the bedside lamp. Woohoo!

And yay! My bed works again!



1. dadwhowrites - July 28, 2010

Routine counts for so much! The dissolution of which is what I dread most about holidays…

phoenixaeon - July 28, 2010

It’s not so much the suicide of routine during the holidays that bothers me, rather the finding of things to do. I don’t mind Princi staying up a little later if it means even a half hour extra in bed in the morning!

2. dadwhowrites - July 22, 2010

What on earth was going on? That sounds like a really lengthy power cut. The depth perception thing sounds quite scary as well. Nice how well Princi coped with it all, though.

phoenixaeon - July 22, 2010

Oh, Princi had her tizzyfit! She was very angry about the electricity going off. Once I’d talked her down and explained to her that there was nothing we could do, she found stuff to do until she realised she could watch the DVD player. I think it helped that I stuck to our bedtime routine, so she knew it was nothing to worry about. That meant that she wasn’t awake when I had my meltdown!

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