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Eeks! July 29, 2010

Posted by phoenixaeon in Children's Literature, EA300, OU.

Oh crapadoodle!

Now the panic sets in… And this is the state of my thoughts right now:

Did I answer the question?

Have I passed?

Oh crap, I’ve got to have failed!

I couldn’t have failed, I did OK on the TMAs.

Don’t be stupid, of course you’ve failed!

No, I haven’t failed. And I’d be happy with a pass 2.

You really wouldn’t be happy with a pass 2, not with those TMA results!

Actually, I’ll be happy just to pass.

Please, just don’t say I’ve flunked it!



1. dadwhowrites - July 29, 2010

Oh you couldn’t possibly have passed. Because your final result is the exact reverse of of what your actual marks are telling you 🙂

(Congratulations! Unless those are marked out of a thousand, you’ve obviously done very well indeed.)

phoenixaeon - July 29, 2010

Thanks. Just hope I haven’t done my usual of shooting myself in the foot when it comes to the exam.

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