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Of Pictures and Persistence July 31, 2010

Posted by phoenixaeon in General rubbish, iPhone, Photo apps, The Principessa Files.

Click, click, clickety-click. Refresh page to ad infinitum. Argh! I hate this time of year! Still waiting on the result of the kidlit course to be posted. The longer it goes on, the more convinced I am that I stuffed up the ECA. I want my result and I want it like yesterday! Yeah, patience has never been a strong point!

So, while I’m waiting, I have been playing with another photo app on the iPhone: Pictureshow. I have to say, I love this app.


Tazcat original

Tazcat with halation and zoom (and possibly a colour effect too)

Pop art Tazcat (looking like something out of Totoro!)

Of course, I couldn’t play with it without putting a couple of pictures of Princi through it, so here they are:

Cool Princi original

Cool Princi with zoom, blur, halation, vignetting, burned frame and rust.

And here’s picture two:

Sleeping Princi original

Sleeping Princi with scratch, blue colour balance change, quad and bokeh.

I really like how the last picture turned out. It makes me feel all sort of arty-farty! I can see that I’ll get hours of fun out of this app, as there are so many more features available to play with yet.

Princi making a cross-stitch bracelet.

Hopefully, playing on the iPhone will keep my mind off the lack of results for at least a day or two (I have found a renewed love of PvZ). But then, I also have the finding of things for Princi and I to do over the holidays to keep me occupied too. Over the last few days we have made cross-stitch bracelets and built a Catbot – interestingly named Noodle Munchkin (after nicknames I have for Princi).

Princi with the completed Noodle Muchkin.

As for today, as there is no chance that my result will be posted in the next two days, Princi and I are going to read a couple of chapters from Freak the Mighty and maybe watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars (she’s been bugging me for weeks to watch it!). And tomorrow, if all goes well, a trip to Hobbycraft to find some arty to keep Princi occupied!



1. dadwhowrites - August 3, 2010

I wonder if its time I tried dudelet out on making models? Dudelet hated the clone wars (and he liked the Star Wars trilogy).

phoenixaeon - August 3, 2010

Princi enjoys making stuff, so I’ve always got to find new things for her to make. She enjoyed making the dinobot last year, and there is a catbot in Tom and Jerry, so I thought she’d enjoy that.

As for Star Wars, we never got around to watching The Clone Wars. She still hasn’t seen the films, I’ve still got to buy them. At the moment she is driving me crazy with Shrek 🙂

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