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Tizzyfits in car parks. August 2, 2010

Posted by phoenixaeon in Cinema, ECA, End of EA300, Stupid wheelchair, The Principessa Files.

What an almost disaster today turned out to be. Don’t get me wrong, it started out fine – Princi (after a little lapse in concentration) got herself dressed, then became an absolute superstar as she helped me put my socks and DCs on. (Just to put this in context, I can’t lean down to put socks/shoes on, so Grandand usually helps me.) Princi amazed me with her patience whilst helping me, and she backed that up by amazing me with not getting all flustered putting her own DCs on – she usually throws a fit and complains that they ‘just won’t fit!’ Then, when we got to the car, Princi sorted herself out in her car seat and even belted herself in. Talk about a perfect child, I wondered where the pod was! So all was going according to plan, until we got to the cinema…

Grandand set the wheelchair up, then lifted me out of the car. Slowly but surely, I tottered around in a semi circle, positioning myself so I could sit in the chair. Princi stood on the side, amusing herself by watching a spider climb up a brick wall, still acting as if she was the most perfect child this side of Mars. Then I sat down. Oh crapadoodle. The chair didn’t feel right. The right side of the seat didn’t have any support. ‘It’s not right,’ I said to Grandand. He pulled my up out of the chair and I grabbed hold of the car for support. Checking the wheelchair, we noticed that there was a piece of plastic lying on the floor next to the wheel. Yep, the bit that held the support in place had snapped off. The chair was unusable.

‘Babes, we’re going to have to go the the cinema on another day.’

Cue the tizzy. Princi brought out the big guns, and started with an extra-loud ‘WWWWAAAAAHHHHH!’ Bugger. She was so looking forward to this.

‘But Princi, the wheelchair is broken and Mummy can’t use it or I’ll get hurt.’


‘C’mon, we’ll go tomorrow. I promise.’


‘We can’t. Right, we’ll go and get a new chair now so we can go tomorrow.’


Despite the wah-ing, she got back into the car and Grandand belted her in. She was still crying, so I handed her the iPhone with Plants vs. Zombies loading up, which seemed to calm her a little.

‘But I was so excited to see Toy Story 3.’

‘I know you were, babes. Tomorrow, I promise. But we’re still going on a little drive now, so we can buy a new wheelchair.’

So off we went on our jolly jaunt looking for a mobility shop. Everywhere where there used to be a shop, it had closed down. Why is it, when you don’t need something it is there in abundance, but when it’s a necessary evil you can’t find it? We drove around for an hour hunting down a mobility place, we even stopped a policewoman  and asked her if she knew of any. We finally found one tucked away down a back road, but yay! A solution to the problem. Grandand went in, came out five minutes later:

‘It’s going to cost £300.’

Yikes! That’s a lot. ‘Get it,’ I say, ‘I need it to get back into the house.’

So Grandand went back in to purchase the chair. I was hoping it might have had a Cerebro attachment or something, maybe even some mad Professor X mind reading skills when I sat in it, but no. It was £300 for a normal wheelie wheelchair. Sigh!

Once it had all been loaded into the back of the car and we had managed to ditch the old seat with the mobility shop, I talked Grandand into going to a cinema that was about 10 minutes down the road. This made Princi very happy, which in turn made me happy. And then I sat in the new chair…

And it was so comfortable! Wow! This is what I’d been missing out on. I haven’t felt that much comfort sitting in a wheelchair since my first chair (this is my third). It was worth the money just for that relief and for the fact that it didn’t hurt my left leg like the old chair did. It is a wonderful, wonderful chair.

So into the cinema we went, bought our popcorn, got ourselves settled down to watch the film, and ended up having an enjoyable afternoon out after all.

And as for the question that popped up on the blog search… No, I haven’t had any results for EA300 as yet! But good luck to everyone who is waiting on results.



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