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Buildings and Vampires. August 20, 2010

Posted by phoenixaeon in Buildings and Vampires, Cats, Films, OU, The Principessa Files.

Tut. It’s so easy to bring a tear to my eye. I’ve just watched this and had a little sniffle. 138 seconds of heartbreak.


As for other stuff… Not much happening. I am ploughing my way through Great Expectations, which will be followed up by Pride and Prejudice. Hopefully once I’m done with that I should have the course materials through for A210. (Can’t actually believe that I am half way through the degree now. Three more courses to go.) After  that, I have two courses to complete. I’ve been stressing over the decision over which courses, as to get the English Language and Literature degree I’d need to be doing a further course that has an exam (A210 has an exam. *Shudder*). The thought of two exam courses one after the other scared me, I’m not good with that sort of pressure. But the OU announced a new course on Greek and Roman mythology – A330 – a few months ago. And just like the ‘I want to do that’ feeling I got when the children’s lit course was announced, well, I want to do that! So now I have a plan for the last few courses of the degree. After A210 I shall study A330, followed by E301 – The Art of English. And, you know, once I had decided on that, the stress of the pending exam next year lessened. Brilliant!

I also still have it in my head to have a go at the Masters. I never though I would seriously entertain the idea of going any further than a Bachelors degree, but the pull of the opportunity to study children’s literature further is really nagging at me. Don’t know how I can afford it, or even if I can afford it, but I REALLY want to do it!

And to end: A picture of Princi using the shower wheelchair to be Davros:

and a picture of the crazy Tazcat:

Are you looking at me?



1. dadwhowrites - August 29, 2010

You’re right. That’s an utterly heartbreaking little movie.

Meanwhile, would that be a research type MA or a course one?

phoenixaeon - August 29, 2010

I think there is the option for both, but I’m undecided which way to go. Still, I’ve got two years to think about it.

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