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Enter title here March 25, 2011

Posted by phoenixaeon in A210, General rubbish, Memory of a goldfish, Mindless rambling that you could do without!, OU, The evil curs Writers Block and Low Selfconfidence attack.

Yeah, couldn’t think of a title. My creative brain has dried up. Hmph! Think I need to work on that. Getting some creativity going might lift me out of my current funk.


As for that – the dark cloud is still hanging around, but it’s slowly but surely raining itself out. I think it’s partly helped through the finding of little drawings Princi has done, such as this one. I’m wondering if the choice of colour is symbolic of my mood of late as she only drew this picture two days ago. Still, it made me smile. And with that number of hearts I think I’d give a Time Lord a run for his money. Though surely I should be able to phase through time and dimensions in space with no ill effects if I am burdened so with hearts? If so, that could prove useful…


I think part of the reason I am feeling so blah might be due to preemptive exam panic. I have two more essays to get through for my current OU course – one of which I have to complete or I’ll automatically fail the course (it’s not like I’ve ever wimped out on an essay, just in case you’re wondering) – before the exam in June. I hate exams, I never seem to do well in them, so I pile all sorts of unnecessary pressure on myself in the run up. I suppose the fact that I will be doing the exam at home should take some pressure off, it’s a comfortable and familiar location after all, but I seem to find that I’ll look at an exam question and any knowledge I have will fly out of the window. That’s not good considering the window abundance here. It doesn’t matter how much revision/preparation/staring blankly at the books I do, my memory crawls into a tiny space and pees itself. Hence pressure, hence lack of confidence, hence blahness. Hence GRRR!


Any suggestions for kicking my exam phobia will be gratefully appreciated. I am hoping to be a happier me in mid June, when I have none of this to worry about. But any scraps to quell the demon in the meantime…





1. dadwhowrites - April 6, 2011

This is probably a really stupid question but have you tried practising? Before the last set of exams I had to do (for my Masters) I was horribly worried. So I completely regressed, got out past papers, studied patterns of questions etc then set a time and did them. I wrote half dozen exam question answers, timing each one. I was still scared but at least I knew I had technique to fall back on.

phoenixaeon - April 6, 2011

Yep, already done that. Have past questions going back about 10 years, and I also found a spreadsheet with patterns and themes on one of the course forums, so revision/exam practice will be organised around them.

2. Pippy - April 4, 2011

Hi sweetie – exam phobia, my sister had that, she was prescribed valium (or some similar drug) due to exam stress. However being as she only wanted top marks and was concerned they would make her too slap happy she ditched these and instead tried hypnotherapy, which seemed to work well. She saw a practitioner (if that’s the right word) for a few sessions and did practise on her own at home too.

I used hypnotherapy for birthing (I even decided my timings, which spookily worked out within 2 minutes of my desires timings & which I achieved pain-relief free) , which made the experience so fab, I decided I’d rather have a baby than run a 1500 m race (and I used to run that distance a lot).

That might be an option? Good Luck.

phoenixaeon - April 6, 2011

Thanks 🙂 I’m not to the point of needing drugs or hypnosis (yet). I’ve just got to get through the last block of reading and hacking out the final essay of the course, then I can start on the revision. It’s the revision, I think, that is my biggest problem. But I am slowly devising a revision plan – I know that I am going to answer the question on As You Like It (as we have been told there will be an analysis question on the play in the exam), so I’ve got that on the plan. It’s the choosing of poetry where I am going to waste time. So I have to get to that as soon as possible.

As of today, I still have a little over two months to get organised, so hopefully I’ll be ok.

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