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I see a shark fin on the horizon. September 20, 2011

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And it is almost upon us. Tomorrow is the Party Day of Doom! But not only is it that, it is also the Fated Day of the TMA Questions of Perpetual Terror. Aaaarrrrggghhhh! It’s like one evil heaped upon another! Yet I must like sin, as I am quite looking forward to both occasions actually.


I am possibly more excited about the party than Princi is, simply because she’s never had her own birthday party, so I finally get to see her getting excited about her birthday. And she finally gets to experience a party all about her. But then, how is that different to any other day? Every day is about her! Or so she thinks, anyhow. I am just hoping that the ordered-last-minute games/activities will be delivered first thing tomorrow. Yikes, I do like to cut things fine! But I am really looking forward to seeing the specially made cake. I am sure Princi is going to love it! Ooh, the anticipation of watching a shocked and happy Princi is so exciting!


And the TMA questions. Well, study mode finally kicked in this morning. I am chomping at the bit to get moving with the course and to saturate myself in myth. Having the questions will only motivate me more. Yay! So glad for the lessening feeling of dread. So glad to have some semblance of sparking brain activity. So glad to to be feeling more like myself and not some shade of my former self. About bloody time, too!


I think, then, it must be time for an early night. I still have lots of preparation left to do tomorrow, and the added anticipation of future learning will be playing on my mind too. So, off to Noddlington for me…




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