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Divine intervention. October 26, 2011

Posted by phoenixaeon in EA300, Mythology, OU, reading, Reading with Principessa, TMA01.

Woohoo! After a year of rubbishy TMA results (by my stupidly high standards), I am back in the land of TMA results euphoria. I had been dreading the fateful ding of the impending percentage that I use to constantly re-affirm my intelligence by, and today was the day of ding.


The usual apprehensions gripped me. How crap am I? Do I really want to know how little I actually understand? Ah, stuff all that, I’m brilliant! But then, look how crap I was last year… So I ignored the inner turmoil and signed into the OU site. Tippety-tap. Click. Click. *Close eyes tightly, then peek through fingers* Woohoo! Distinction! And for once, really relevant comments on how to improve the marks for next time. Yay! So I am now in love with this course and raring to get going with the next essay.


But that will have to wait. I have a ton of reading to do before I can even contemplate planning the TMA, which makes me think reading Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World by Murakami maybe wasn’t my smartest move. And even more stupid, ordering the new Murakami book 1Q84. I am so going to want to read that as soon as, because I am loving Hard-boiled Wonderland. Add to that reading Matilda with Princi – she’s outgrown the Oxford Reading Tree books that her school was having her read, so she’s now reading the children’s novels we have at home. I think my head might just explode with all this reading!


So, time to get back to it… Once I’ve talked Princi into bed – she is playing golf with a green plastic golf club and a  Hello Kitty bouncy ball, jumping around shouting ‘Yay! Go me, go me, go me!’ I wish she’d give me some of her energy!





1. Dad Who Writes (Gabriel) - October 31, 2011

Excellent! Really well done.

I’m trying to resist the new Murakami until I’ve caught up with some more of my unread books mountain but…

So should I get Dollhouse? I’ve heard mixed things. My affection for all things otherwise Whedon is a matter of record, of course.

phoenixaeon - November 1, 2011

I really believe Dollhouse is worth getting. The first half of S1 isn’t the greatest, but once you hit episode 6 it starts moving along really well. Epitaph 1 (the last episode of S1) is one of my all time favourite episodes of anything I’ve ever watched – and I watch too much TV!

Yep, still resisting the pull of Murakami… Still reading Wonderland. But I am also now engrossed in the mythology course. It’s getting to the point where I am almost constantly thinking about it, which is good.

2. johnhughes21 - October 28, 2011

Grrr! Arrrgh! Yeah he’s pretty good, Joss Whedon. I’ve been watching Dollhouse too – also on Syfy. It’s a good show, very dark. I’ll probably give Angel a go after I’ve finished watching the Buffster – although I much prefer him as Angelus.

Never seen Firefly but I have seen Serenity. I thought it quite good, but not amazing. It does feature Adam Baldwin though – AKA John Casey from Chuck – so that’s a bonus. Have you ever watched Chuck? You’d probably like it – or not???

I notice that you’ve read A Game of Thrones. Is it any good? I watched the TV series and was half tempted to read the book till I found out that the series (of books) is still unfinished and the author takes about six years per book. I’m wondering if he’ll still be alive to finish it, or if he’ll do a Robert Jordan!

phoenixaeon - October 28, 2011

Yep, have seen all of Dollhouse. It’s such a pity it got dumped after ‘two’ seasons. Though not as big a travesty as Firefly being dumped after one. Grrr, arggghh. If you’ve not noticed, me = big Whedon fan! Oh, and Adam Baldwin also makes an appearance in Angel too. And yes, addicted to Chuck as well. Baldwin plays almost the same character in Chuck as he does in Firefly.

Yeah, Game of Thrones is fab, though I’ve only read the first two books. Waiting until next summer to read the third, there’s too much essential reading I have to do first. The series is really close to the source material, it’s one of the best book-screen adaptations I’ve seen. It took him so long to finish the last book because he hit writer’s block, so I’ve read. And I think he was ill too. The only niggle I have with his writing is his addiction to constantly reminding you of who is who, it’s like he epilogues chapters when he thinks you might have forgotten stuff. If there were less of that the books would be so much shorter, and while enjoyable to read, they wouldn’t be as much of a chore. But hey, it’s good fantasy, so whatever! It’s brill.

3. johnhughes21 - October 27, 2011

Well done! But I’m curious; how rubbishy were your TMA results last year? Low-mid 80s?

Anyway, what’s this Murakami guy like? I kept hearing about him when I was doing the writing course. He sounds quite interesting. There was a mention of 1Q84 on the culture show, but it didn’t say much about the book, it was more about Orwell’s 1984 and why we’re still fascinated by it after all these years. If you could recommend a good Murakami book for a newbie though, that would be great. 🙂

I probably shouldn’t start another book till I’ve finished writing my own though. It’s not been going well. Too many distractions. I’ve found myself getting hooked on Buffy the V S. They’ve been showing it from the start on Syfy channel, so I thought I’d give it a go – well, I’m only 14 years late to the party! Just finished the 3rd series. End of High school years, now on to college for series 4!

phoenixaeon - October 27, 2011

BtVS – fabulous! You have some brilliant episodes to look forward to. I’d quite happily watch BtVS over and over again. If you get a chance, whatch Firefly too. Amazing! But then, so is Angel.

I’ve only just started reading Murakami’s novels, though I did read some of his short stories that could be found online. I’m reading Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World right now, and it’s brilliant.

As for TMA results, I only reached the 80s near the end of the course, and my exam sucked so badly, I’m amazed I even got a pass 2. Last year killed my confidence something chronic. But hey ho. Onto level 3, I feel more relaxed there!

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